Brabus prepared a tuning kit for Mercedes E-Klasse Cabrio

German tuners have proposed a complete tuning kit for Mercedes E-Class Coupe Cabrio. The model enjoys an aerodynamic kit, a luxurious interior and more powerful diesel and gasoline engines. Germans from Brabus, specialized in modification of Mercedes‘ models, have developed a special but quite complex kit for the new coupe convertible E-Klasse. Ready to enter [...]

Teased Winged Subaru Impreza STI to debut at the NY Auto Show

I think this is the worst teaser that we have ever talked about; no offence to the Subaru fans, I’m a big admirer of this auto maker because it is building very high powerful cars but also cars that are also looking very jealously. Also, this car makes part of those that I like since [...]

New BMW Concept: BMW Sequence GT

I must say that I was really missing this kind of concepts namely that it is impossible to build in series in these days. Also, you may wonder what would be the perfect concept of BMW, well, I tell you that this may be done by a student born in the same country as BMW. [...]

Startech modified the new Jaguar XJ

Tuners from Startech have prepared a complete kit for the new generation Jaguar XJ sedan. British model received a number of aesthetic touches that gave the model a sporty look. It haven’t passed too much time before tuning houses have expressed interest for the newest competitive business model launched in the segment. Jaguar XJ, because [...]

Official: Photos and details for Ford Focus RS500

The new Ford Focus RS500 becomes from today the most powerful Focus version ever made, having a very nice look and capable to develop 350 horsepower. Ford released today the first pictures and informations about the most powerful version of Focus: RS500. The new special limited edition to only 500 units is made from the [...]

Ford is going to sell Volvo for $1.8 billion

This kind of news are stunning news that are changing a lot of things in the lives of many people especially to those people that are owning a Volvo or to those Ford owners but probably the most important place where this news hits most is to the Swedish citizens from where the Volvo “was [...]

The possible Veyron killer – the Hennessey Venom GT

I think it can say that I was waiting for quite a long time for such a car namely a Bugatti Veyron killer and here we got. At the moment these words are not so sure but there are still some chances and at last, these two cars will compete very much namely the Bugatti [...]

The 2011 Chrysler 300 to be launched in November is rushed

Here we talk again about a luxury auto maker and of course, about a luxury car today. Last time we talked about the new Wagon of the Cadillac but this time we are going to talk about the new 2011 Chrysler 300 but this is not going to be present at the 2010 New York [...]

News About The New Opel Movano Van

First of all you know that vans are not made to impress through their luxury and especially they are not made for speed, in many cases vans are used by companies which requires transportation.  As you can see from the pictures Opel has a new van called Movano which was made from zero letting behind [...]

Infiniti QX56 At New York 2010

Maybe you know maybe you don’t but Infiniti QX56 was a massive SUV, something like a craved car from granite without pretentious aerodynamic shapes. Now this Infiniti QX56 from the imposing point of view is about the same, but it comes with a changed image having some elements bowered from Infiniti M. As you can [...]

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