Nissan Murano Convertible to be Unveiled at the LA Auto Show

Now here’s a piece of news you don’t get to hear everyday. Though labeled at first more as a joke than fact, it’s starting to get serios now: the Nissan Murano will get a convertible model. Take a look at this.

Chevrolet Volt 50% Increase in Production

General Motors is full of surprises. After yesterday’s unveiling of the the price tag on the Chevrolet Volt, the American manufacturer had a press release today in which it announced it’s intention of increasing the number of Chevrolet Volt units produced in the United States by fifty percent in the year 2012, totalling 45,000 units.

The Facelifted CL65 AMG received a facelift from Expression Motorsport tuners

Expression Motorsport tuners decided to create their vision on the Mercedes CL65 AMG, the facelift version, to be more exactly. This tuning package is regarding just to the aesthetic level, the performance part being left untouched. The tuners from Expression Motorsport decided that the current performance of the Mercedes CL65 AMG facelift are quite enough, [...]

Toyota Recalls Strike Again

Toyota has had a series of recall issues which seem rather problematic to get rid of. This is because another two recalls have been announced by the Japanese manufacturer: one regarding the Lexus LX 470 and another the Avalon model.

Chevrolet Volt Price Has High Voltage

We’ve all been curious about the new Chevrolet Volt and it’s price and finally, General Motors decided to let us have it. Get ready. It will be $41,000 (or $33,500 with the federal electric vehicle tax). That sure is steep, you might say. We did too. But according to General Motors, you get a lot [...]

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