Ferrari California T Replacement Planned for 2019, Carmaker Might Use a V6 Engine

Ferrari is constantly developing the performance of its high-end models, destined both for the roads or for the Formula 1 race tracks, and it now seems to focus on more greener and much more efficient hybrid systems. But this would not stop the use of the turbocharged V6 engine on its future models as well. [...]

Ferrari 488 GTB Launched in First Official Video

The one-off Ferrari 488 GTB has been lately the subject of many renderings signed by famous artists and now it is high time to give it some credit for what it really is. We are talking about the first official promotional video with the 488 GTB. The official video reveals the real performance of the [...]

Ferrari 488 GTB Launched ahead 2015 Geneva Motor Show

The Ferrari 488 GT has been rendered wearing different body styling and receiving one-off paintjobs and other design features, ahead its official debut. Now, the hot model is being spotted ahead the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. That means that the Ferrari 488 GTB has been presented at a private launch event, the model being showcased [...]

Ferrari 488 GTB Speciale Launched in Rendering

The official replacement of the Ferrari 458 Italia has been recently seen in a lot of renderings, signed by different designers and showcasing the model in some one-offs body styling. Just some while ago, the guys from Cavalino Design have come up with their own version of the so called Ferrari 488 GTB Speciale. It [...]

Ferrari 488 FXX Rendered

The Ferrari 488 GTB is on a big pay-role these days, as the model has shown up on the web wearing different body styles, rendered by famous artists, like the 488 GTS or the Spider. Now, the model has been revealed in the so called 488 FXX version. The two renderings with the Ferrari 488 [...]

Ferrari 488 GTBX Launched in New Rendering

The Ferrari 488 GTB will definitely be a hit, as more and more renderings are being launched with the sports car. After being first seen wearing a gorgeous matte black paintjos and some fine body parts, this time, the upcoming 488 GT has been rendered in the form of a track version, named the Ferrari [...]

Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione Rumored

Even if the Ferrari FXX K has been regarded as the latest success of the Italian carmaker, the company does not rest on its laurels and plans an even more exotic version, in the shape of the so called Evoluzione, borrowing the key elements from the FXX K super hybrid model. Yet, the company has [...]

Ferrari FXX K Spider Launched in Rendering

After being recently launched on the track at Abu Dhabi, the Ferrari FXX K supercar is ending up in our news again, this time the model being rendered in a Spider version. The rendering with the Ferrari FXX K Spider was provided by the famous Evren Milano, showcasing the model in some simple design cues, [...]

Ferrari LaFerrari XX Launched in Renderings

Even if the Ferrari Italian based automaker is preparing a track supercar model in the shape of the LaFerrari XX, as it is rendered here, we are still not sure how would the model look like. The renderings with the Ferrari LaFerrari XX have just popped-up on the web, ”previewing” the upcoming of the model. [...]

Upcoming Ferrari 458 Italia Twin Turbo V8

The Ferrari Italian based supercar maker is already thinking to replace the famous 458 Italia model, by reinventing it with a turbocharged version. The rumors with a future Ferrari 458 Italia have been around the corner for some time, but now things are certain that the hot model will get a successor, in the shape [...]

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