Ferrari 458 Italia Liberty Walk Sits on PUR Wheels

Liberty Walk has done it again, this time the tuning division turning its head on the Ferrari 458 Italia, the sports car receiving some new body parts and a new set of wheels, which make it mind-blowing. And this Ferrari 458 Italia Liberty Walk does look smashing, thanks to the new body elements, such as [...]

2016 Ferrari 488 GTB Available in Australia from Whopping Price

The true successor of the 458 Italia, the 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB model, has already reached the shores of Australia, following thus the 488 Spider. The “good news” is that the model in question will cost a whopping $469,888, but that didn’t stop 100 Australians to already make a deposit. Surely, you will have time [...]

Ferrari 488 Spider breaks cover prior Frankfurt

Ferrari decided to unveil the open-top version of the 488 supercar, a model scheduled to hit the stage at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. To begin with, the Ferrari 488 Spider comes with a powerful 3.9-liter V8 engine with a total output of 670 horsepower and 760 Nm of torque. The twin-turbo unit makes the [...]

Ferrari 488 GTB Video Shot in Germany

Ever since its official launch at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the Ferrari 488 GTB has been the subject of a lot of reviews, photo as well as video shots. The latest video is showcasing the model being driven in Dusseldorf, Germany. As we can see in the video, this Ferrari 488 GTB is wearing [...]

Ferrari 488 GTB Has Arrived in Newport Beach

Ferrari has recently released the 488 GTB supercar at the Ferrari Newport Beach, the model receiving a big round of applause along with two other newly arrived Lamborghini and McLaren. So, in case you live in Newport Beach and want to at least enjoy the view with this hell of a car, then you should [...]

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