Ferrari 458 Italia Replica Available from 50,000 GBP

A replica of the famous Ferrari 458 Italia was seen while looking for a new owner that would have to pay the ridiculous amount of 50,000 GBP. Why would anyone spend a lot of money, which is also the case here, on a replica of one of the greatest supercars in the world, the Ferrari [...]

Ferrari LaFerrari Seen in a Premiere in China

The first Ferrari LaFerrari supercar was seen in a world premiere in China, where it seemed to get along just fine, standing side by side with another powerful model, the McLaren MP4-12C. The red Ferrari LaFerrari is coming again in our attention, while the supercar was marching in China next to the orange McLaren MP4-12C. [...]

Ferrari 458 Italia Niki Lauda by Edo Competition

A special edition of the one-off Ferrari 458 Italia has been designed by the famous Edo Competition tuning company, as the model in question is dedicated to Niki Lauda. The Ferrari 458 Italia Niki Lauda was first unveiled in November, but today the supercar has been presented again, coming with some special touches from Edo [...]

Ferrari LaFerrari in White Finish Seen at Dealership

An extraordinary Ferrari LaFerrari in White finish has been seen at an auto dealership, standing there for a new owner. The images seen here were taken by the guys from N-D Cars Photography and posted on the GT Spirit online publication, eventually ending up in our news. The stunning Ferrari LaFerrari came into production last [...]

China: Ferrari 458 Italia Flies off Highway

Exotic supercars like Ferrari will always end-up in the news, as week after week there must be a supercar Ferrari ending up in a ditch or getting crashed on a highway. It is also the case of a Ferrari 458 Italia that has crashed in China, due to excessive driving, the supercar literally flying off [...]

Ferrari 458 Italia MCC Edition by DMC

DMC is back again with a Ferrari tuning kit, this time for the 458 Italia. DMC’s creation, namely the Ferrari 458 Italia MCC Edition, comes with a series of styling tweaks but not performance upgrades. At the exterior, DMC opted for revised front and rear spoilers, tinted optical blocks, new alloy wheels, side skirts and [...]

Ferrari LaFerrari Caught in London in a Premiere

The famous Ferrari LaFerrari supercar unveiled a year ago, was caught on camera for the first time, on the streets of London, while sitting quietly in a parking space. The Ferrari Italian based supercar launched the Ferrari LaFerrari supermodel about a year ago, and now, the London citizens got the chance of seeing it for [...]

Hong Kong Welcomes Ferrari California T

The recently unveiled Ferrari California T at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, has just headed towards Hong Kong, for this week`s VIP presentation. The Ferrari California T is now making its official debut in Hong Kong, as it is the star of a media or a VIP presentation, if you like. The event is happening [...]

Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo by DMC

DMC decided to release a styling kit for the Ferrari 458 Italia and Spider. Both normal and open-top versions of the Italian supercar will benefit from DMC’s package, a kit which includes revised bumpers and side-mounted bumper diffusers. Lightweight materials such as carbon fiber was used for these parts, therefore, you should not be worried [...]

Ferrari California T Unveiled in Newport Beach

The Ferrari Italian based supercar maker has just unveiled its superfast California T in Newport Beach, ahead the company`s plans of officially delivering it to its dealerships across the US. The California T was first unveiled in February, taken to Geneva Motor Show and now to its dealership here, in Newport Beach, California. The Ferrari [...]

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