Pininfarina builds a drone

Most of you know about Pininfarina, but whenever you hear the name, you tend to think about extremely beautiful cars that also tend to cost a pretty penny. Well, now the name Pininfarina is also associated with a remote controlled drone. With a cost of €1.500, this is by far the cheapest product that Pininfarina [...]

Exhaust heat will charge your batteries in the future

A big chunk of new technologies developed for the automotive industry is directed at fuel efficiency and a overall more economical driving. Now, a new material promises to use exhaust heat to generate electricity, both cheaply and with a better efficiency than previous techs. The whole secret lies in tetrahedrite, a grey to black mineral [...]

2015 Toyota FCV Publicly Displayed in Colorado

The Aspen Ideas Festival taking place in Colorado, has welcomed the newly 2015 Toyota FCV, after the model was first presented in Europe just last week. The FCV model (Fuel Cell Vehicle) is now ending up in our news again, this time with the occasion of the official unveil in the United States. What`s interesting [...]

Audi presents the Traffic Light Recognition feature

It seems that every other new tech incorporated into a car is either related to safety or fuel efficiency. The Traffic Light Recognition feature from Audi is in the latter category, and while we can appreciate any step towards a cleaner environment, these techs seem to take it slightly too far. While the name of [...]

World’s first functional truck made of ice

With the winter already making a strong presence in various parts of the world, cars start to exhibit various ails due to low temperature. One particular worry is the battery, which can render the vehicle unusable if it can’t stand up to the rigors of weather. But low temperature is not a problem for the [...]

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