Insuring multiple vehicles

On the hunt for multiple insurance deals? It sounds stressful to us, and it’s probably a nightmare for you, as insuring multiple cars with different companies all at once can not only be incredibly time-consuming, but can also be extremely expensive. However, insuring them on a multiple-car deal with a single insurer is the perfect solution.

When shopping for, say, a Blu-Ray player and some new films to watch, and the player and discs were priced the same or near to it in every shop, most people wouldn’t go to multiple shops to purchase the lot. Especially not when there’s a two-for-one deal in every single storefront.

This is how insuring two or more cars at the same time works – you’re aiming to save lots, not small amounts, and you can do this by simply purchasing multiple car insurance at Aviva for example rather than collecting small deals that will cost more in total once you’re done paying for them at two or more locations. It also means less paperwork, and having your desk eventually look like this, as you attempt to juggle everything:

Insurers are also an important presence in any adult’s life, and it’s important to try and keep communication to a streamlined minimum so nothing ever gets complicated on either end. For this reason, dealing with two or more insurers can place an unnecessary amount of pressure on you to remember the intricacies of each insurer. However, it’s worth putting all your apples in one basket, if you’d prefer things to look like this:

That way, when you’re done insuring all your cars, and this could be just for you or for your entire family, everything’s a lot more organised. Many insurers offer great discounts on insuring more than one car at once, to help those who are trying to juggle multiple new vehicles or upcoming insurance renewals at once.

Even better, insuring multiple cars as a family or even multiple family members on the same car means that you can rely on as many or as few vehicles as you like, never being financially penalised for either choice. It’s a one way ticket to a cheaper, more easy-going insurance experience. So grab your details, and do what you should do best – compare the deals, go straight to the insurer (therefore avoiding the commission price-bump, something the big name insurers encourage by avoiding comparison sites altogether), and get your money’s worth.




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