MR Car Design tweaks Volkswagen CC

Having dropped the Passat name from its title, Volkswagen realized that their sporty looking four door sedan could actually attract a new market. The plan payed off. While most archaic thinking folk such as myself are not impressed, there’s plenty of new buyers who don’t care about the previous branding that much. Not only are [...]

Nissan DeltaWing will take part in 2013 ALMS season

The DeltaWing race car, currently teamed up to the Japanese at Nissan got of to an interesting start in motorsport, managing to fight off giants for quite a while at Le Mans. Unfortunately, after a while though, the race ended in tears at the side of a track, hours before the end would be coming [...]

Bugatti Galibier also delayed by Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s decision to slow down development of new high end cars has hit our hearts this time. After the SUV announcement came in, we were pretty chuffed, now though… The news isn’t as fun as before. It seems that this economical crisis or whatever it’s called is going to delay a car that we were [...]

Caterham Superlight R600 provides new yardstick

Caterham must have taken a look at the whole of the British car industry and they will undoubtedly have noticed the changes. Everybody is going for sharp modern designs, all sorts of new technologies, improved interior quality and quite the focus on fuel economy. Caterham were quite impressed so they decided to completely ignore the [...]

Peugeot 301 humbly steps into Paris Motor Show

The dust has pretty much settled over the Paris Motor Show stands so we can talks about some of the less expensive and concept-like cars that were there. The Peugeot 301 is a classic example of the situation. It’s far from the RCZ-R sports car and on a different level from the Onyx supercar. Despite [...]

Paris Motor Show gives us the 2013 Honda CR-Z

In typical Honda style, the CR-Z hybrid has slowly faded away from the public attention. Just about nobody knows what it is if they see it on the street. That’s a shame, especially given Honda’s efforts to make it as good as the car can be with both fuel economy, a bit of a sporty [...]

ABT improves Audi A1 Quattro

If the world of small cars with more than enough performance pleases you, then the Audi A1 Quattro is the car for you. There are a few other options out there, but few lack the completeness of this micro hatchback. What happens when you want a car like this but also crave some tuning? If [...]

2014 Mazda6 will be just the tip of the iceberg

There was a bit of a concern over the way the Japanese unveiled the 2014 Mazda6 in at Russia’s Motor Show but there’s no need to worry. It seems that the formerly “zoom zoom” company has big plans for their new and stunning sedan model. There’s talk of several derivatives. First of all, there’s a [...]

Xenatec and Office-K showcase Maybach 57S Coupe

Ostentatious, over-priced and a generally considered failure of a brand, Maybach has been consigned to the history books by their owners at Mercedes. Some, possibly me included, actually loved the idea of a Maybach but unfortunately they weren’t anywhere near enough to keep the company afloat. What is a little concerning is the fact that [...]

RevoZport Mini Coupe is more serious than it sounds

China is often criticized for its forays into the world of the automotive enthusiast. Scratch that, China is only mentioned with a critical claim. So let’s try and make things feel a little different and talk about how something labeled “Made in China” can actually be quite interesting. This is the RevoZport Mini Coupe, a [...]

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