Jaguar LA runs ambitious publicity stunt

Jaguar is a British brand, so selling in the UK isn’t a problem, their cars are are reasonably good and helped along by the patriotism of the UK motorists. In the U.S. however, British brands don’t really have that powerful a brand image and a reasonably good car isn’t really enough to impress.

The legendary Ford F-150 is headed for a recall

Even the mighty fall sometimes, and this is definitely the case of the Ford F-150 pickup, the world’s best seller for so long I can’t remember off the top of my head. Ford’s just announced that they are going to be calling back in quite a number of their most successful product in order to [...]

Fiat 500′s US sibling comes with two shortfalls

Perhaps I’m a bit harsh, let’s just say that the 2012 Fiat 500 will be sold stateside (finally) but with a couple of minor inconveniences. The new (for the United States) Fiat 500 will not get the very high mpg hoped by some and there will be somewhat of a situation when it comes to [...]

Toyota reckons the Prius will sometime be number 1

After cherishing the recent sales success of the Toyota Prius, the Japanese have just announced that they think their hybrid synergy drive vehicle can make it to first place. That’s right, Toyota consider that their hybrid will be its top-selling U.S. vehicle sometime soon.

Audi’s U.S. sales in 2010 are a personal record

The Ingolstadt based Germans have an extra reason to be happy about the new year. Upon receiving the final sales figures of 2010 the cracked open the champagne. This is because in 2010 Audi’s sales in North America call for a new personal record, one to do away with the one set in 2007.

L.A. 2010: 40 years of development on the Mitsubishi i

A while back, Chevrolet tried to do away with the whole “Chevy” idea. That didn’t really go along very well but here’s Mitsubishi preparing this car for the U.S. and calling it the “i”. I find it just about as amusing as the “Chevy” situation because that’s the Mitsubishi i-MiEV with some vinyl covers added [...]

Hyundai teases the 2011 Elantra on Twitter

It may seem weird but a recent twitter message from Hyundai USA’s PR account had this image attached to it. I tend to be a car bore. Scratch that. I am a monumental car bore and I appreciate car shows, releases, lovely press conferences and all that media rubbish.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV revealed in U.S. spec

A little over a week before its scheduled debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show, Mitsubishi released a set of photos of the U.S. version of their all electric i-MiEV. Since it’s been around Japan and Europe for a while it’s only natural that I’m slightly familiar to it but the U.S. spec version is [...]

BMW’s Spartanburg plant could get another product to work on

A few recent rumors coming through the grapevine all the way from Bavaria make for BMW trying to reach a decision on whether or not to expand the lineup of products they are rolling off the line in Spartanburg. A decision of this sort would probably have no effect on pricing or deliveries but it [...]

Nissan’s 2011 Murano shows off it’s pricing

While the 2011 Nissan Murano has been around as a facelifted version since the summer but since it’s only now that it’s going to be available in the US the Japanese have been kind enough to release the price list you might encounter in a showroom. For the sake of argument the list only features [...]

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