2009 BMW X5 diesel recalled

BMW’s X range generally gets good press despite its grass and gravel SUV nature and we’ve seen more of the same with the company’s update of the X5 and X6. I started by saying “generally” because lately there’s been a few slips on behalf of the Bavarians. First the X1′s U.S. market debut got seriously [...]

G-Power plays with 2011 BMW X5 turns it into a Typhoon

Since there’s a lot of talking going on about hurricanes and stuff lately, German tuner G-Power thinks there’s some marketing capital out there for one of their cars. That’ll be the 2011 BMW X5 Typhoon body kit. The only difference is that this time, G-Power went for some changes that aren’t purely cosmetic. Under that [...]

BMW’s X5 and X6 just got a little bit better

BMW may be hard at work on the futuristic stuff like the i3 EV and i8 EV supercar but the Bavarians aren’t about to neglect their current lineup of cars. Their latest work volume was focused on improving the X5 and X6 a little in order to prep them for the 2012 nameplate and keep [...]

BMW gives Americans more performance for their X5s

Whenever I glance at the BMW X5 I always think, god that drives well. I never considered that it’s an offroader or any such thing. Let’s put it this way, mud will most likely stay away from the BMW X5′s tires. This must be why the Bavarians aren’t offering a raft off road accessories but [...]

BMW’s Spartanburg plant could get another product to work on

A few recent rumors coming through the grapevine all the way from Bavaria make for BMW trying to reach a decision on whether or not to expand the lineup of products they are rolling off the line in Spartanburg. A decision of this sort would probably have no effect on pricing or deliveries but it [...]

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