Hybrid cars are rapidly becoming popular with car owners, they’re seen as new and modern but there can often be some confusion with regards to what they actually are and how they run. There is really nothing to be confused about though, and hopefully, after reading this article, the world of hybrid cars will make more sense to you.

Lexus Hybrid Engine

Defining a Hybrid

A hybrid car, as the name suggests, is basically a car that uses two different fuel sources in order to power it. These are electricity and then either petrol or diesel depending on the car. In these cars, often the two fuel sources can work together but can then work independently of each other.

By working together in harmony, the dual power sources mean that you as the driver will get the maximum power that you can. Yet, as they are able to work separately as well, carbon dioxide emissions from your car are reduced to give you environmental benefits without any noticeable drop in performance.

It also means that if you run out of one form of power, the other will kick in for you. With many cars that work in this way, the electricity is used when the car is running at low speeds. This means that when you’re driving to the shops or doing the school run, you won’t hear any engine noise. However, at higher speeds, the gas fuelled part of the engine kicks in, allowing you to go faster. Any extra power can be used to recharge the electric batteries while you’re on the move. This power is gained during braking.

Types of Hybrid

These conventional hybrids aren’t your only option though, with plug in hybrids being available too. These are cars that get plugged in to charge them but can also be charged on the move in the conventional manner. They are nearer to fully electric cars than standard hybrids but are not classed as EVs (Electric Vehicles).

Buying a Hybrid

Hybrid cars may sound complicated and scary but they really aren’t. Many car manufacturers now sell hybrid cars, including companies such as Lexus. If you are interested in purchasing a hybrid car, you need to ensure that you have done all your research beforehand in order to find out if a hybrid car is right for you.

You will need to compare the same credentials as you would with a standard vehicle, which means looking at performance, safety, comfort, reliability and cost.

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