May 29, 2024

Vanderbrink GTO wins Good Design 2008

Vanderbrink GTO

The Duch automaker, Vanderbrink, has managed to get a great award for the design of this car.

The Vanderbrink GTO was constructed on the base of the Ferrari 599 and only 5 pieces have been build in the whole world. The engine was also produced by Ferrari and it can develop 611 horse power. If this isn’t enough for you, you can get the second version of 750 horse power with a 6.3 L engine. Even more, the car is lighter than the Ferrari. All of these aspects will cost you around $1 million and even so, many people were interested in buying the vehicle. pictures after the jump

It think that the aspect of the Vanderbrink GTO is perfect and it surely deserved the award. I wonder who are the 5 owners of the vehicle and what other cars do they have in their garage.

Vanderbrink GTOVanderbrink GTOVanderbrink GTO

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