Meaning Business — Car Manufacturers Get Serious in Saudi Arabia

The international car market is changing and emerging economies are beginning to make their presence felt. Jaguar, Land Rover is a good example. It now exports 80% of its production and its biggest single market is not the UK or US: it’s China. The BRIC economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China are rising fast [...]

BMW R nineT, El Solitario “Impostor”

There have been some radical custom bikes builds out there, each with its own theme and catch, but the Impostor seems like its was taken straight out of a Mad Max movie. This awesome piece of design comes out of the hands of El Solitario, a Spanish group of skillful mechanics. I have always had [...]

First custom BMW R nineT

BMW’s celebratory motorcycle, the R nineT is fresh out of the plant, and already aftermarket specialists have had a go at it. The first to add to the original design is Urban Motor, and the result is quite good. Now called the Urban Motor Track Grinder, the BMW R nineT has had quite a lot [...]

BMW rolled out the first R nineT bikes

With over two years spent in development, the R nineT bike is the most recent product of BMW’s Motorrad division, and today marked the start of assembly. Built as a worthy tribute for BMW 90 years anniversary, the new bike got quite a warm welcome into the world. After passing a rigorous dyno test phase, [...]

BMW Motorrad sold 100.000 units this year

BMW truly is making history this year, with even the Motorrad division pitching in to the general increase in attention. Recent reports show that the motorcycle division of the German manufacturer has sold and delivered over 100.000 units this year, making for another company first. With the year still not over, BMW reports say that [...]

Atelier Ruby celebrates 90 years of BMW Motorrad

Every anniversary deserves a celebration, and one that involves one of the car making industry’s giants should be interesting to say the least. With 90 years under the belt of BMW’s Motorrad, Atelier Ruby decided to offer special edition helmets. With three models to choose from, the full face Castle model, the open face Pavillon [...]

BMW unveils the new 4 Series Convertible

The Germans at BMW pulled the wraps off the open-top version of the 4 Series. The all-new model will be seen in world premiere at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, in November. Under the hood, U.S. buyers will get a total of three units, namely a 2.0-liter engine producing 245 horses, a more powerful [...]

Make the Most of a Visit to a Car Supermarket

Car supermarkets have started a revolution in the UK car buying arena. How? By offering a host of cars at remarkably low prices. Not long ago, you had to search forlornly through private sellers’ adverts in local publications or chance your local dealers’ forecourt hoping that someone has not beaten you to a great deal. [...]

BMW officially reveals the M4 Coupe concept

The Germans at BMW officially introduced the M4 Coupe concept, the prototype which previews the upcoming production model. At the exterior, the sports car benefits from new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, large 20-inch alloy wheels, new hood and optical blocks. Power is provided by a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine producing around 450 horsepower and [...]

Official video teaser: F80 BMW M3 & F82 BMW M4 engine sound

With the next M3 and M4 Coupe BMW generations currently under construction and no concept versions revealed so far, many are curious about the next products supposed to be introduced on the market by Bavarian Motors. One official video teaser published on YouTube these days made BMW fans more than intrigued, with the sound of [...]

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