BMW M2 Heads Off to NAIAS Next January

The BMW M2 sports car is ending up in our news again with an unofficial announcement which states the presence of the model at the 2015 NAIAS, in Detroit, next January. We are talking about a report released from Auto Express, stating that the model will be officially unveiled in Detroit, next year. The announcement [...]

First details on GSC’s BMW i8 iTRON

German Special Customs decided to start developing a styling package for the BMW i8, the German hybrid supercar. Today they released a series of photos and details in order to make us aware of their upcoming kit. However, full details are expected to be released in the coming weeks. Until then, we find out that [...]

Carbon fiber costs might drop by 90%

With big companies investing massive amounts of money in carbon fiber research, it was just a matter of time until production costs of the material would go down. BMW & Audi partner MAI Carbon Cluster Management says that the price of carbon fiber might drop by 90%. This immense drop in price will come thanks [...]

BMW i9 Coming in 2016

The BMW German based automaker is planning to expand the “i” brand, by launching the i9 version, somewhere in 2016. A recent report from Autocar stated that the BMW i9 would be even hotter, adopting an aggressive styling, as well as a more powerful electric motor. While the BMW i8 is packed by a 1.5-liter [...]

BMW i8 Runs Hockenheim in Impressive 1:15

In case you had any doubts about the performance of the most impressive hypercar from BMW, the i8, than you should know that the impressive plug-in hybrid managed to lap the Hockenheim track in just 1:15 minutes. The Hockenheim tack is one of the most difficult tracks in the world, with a lot of sports [...]

New Car Technology for 2015

Car technology has come a long way over the last decade. With so many impressive improvements introduced over the years, it’s hard to see how it could get better. Yet each year manufacturers manage to come up with brand new technology that pushes the boundaries. Below you’ll discover the top new car technology being introduced [...]

740 Hp BMW M6 Gran Coupe by G-Power

Another great Bimmer has recently come out of the hands of aftermarket specialist G-Power, and it is just as awesome as it should be. After receiving the G-Power treatment, the BMW M6 Gran Coupe is good for 740 Hp and 975 Nm of torque. These are some nice numbers, representing a 180 Hp and 295 [...]

BMW i8 raises in value with time

As a general rule, once you buy a car it becomes second hand and loses around 30 percent value instantly, and will continue to lose in value over time. Still, there are a few cars that make the exception, like the Mini in the UK, and it seems that BMW’s i8 is one such vehicle. [...]

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA to Fight against BMW M3

The Alfa Romeo Italian based automaker is thinking of developing a new-gen sedan worthy of competing the almighty BMW M3 Sedan. We are talking here about the future manufacturing of the Giulia Sedan, alongside its high-performance GTA version. The Italian carmaker hasn’t publicly announced its intention of building up such a model, but guys from [...]

BMW M2 Gets Shot

Spy photographers from Inautonews online magazine have recently managed to catch the upcoming BMW M2 on shots, while undergoing some tests on public roads. The spy shots are a clear indication that the German based automaker is preparing the M2 for the market, with the model to be sent for some tests, while bearing some [...]

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