BMW M3/M4 Aero Kit by RevoZport

Ever since their first launch, the BMW M3 and BMW M4 have been considered the best cars in the sports sedans segment, both models managing to impress everybody with their evolutionary body language and high-performance. But the architecture they sit on allowed the constantly rising aftermarket shops to successfully carry out a lot of tuning [...]

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta vs. BMW M6 in Drag Race, Video Reveals the Winner

Drag races are a common thing today, as lots and lots of powerful and outstanding cars are racing against each other determined to show off with their impressive power under the hood. Mostly of them are custom prepared for such races. It is also the case of a recent video popping up on the web, [...]

2016 F48 BMW X1 Official Teaser Video Released

The 2016 F48 BMW X1 was officially unveiled a couple of days ago and the model is already being previewed in its official teaser video. The video is showcasing the model cruising on bumpy roads, highlighting its driving capabilities and aerodynamics efficiency. The 2016 BWM X1 is absolutely splendid from every point of view, combining [...]

2015 BMW 1-Series Arrives in Australia, Prices Start from 36,900 AUD

The 2015 BMW 1-Series is finally reaching the shores of Australia, where the facelift of the current model will be available in four versions, the 118i, the 118d, the 125i and the top of the line M135i. Prices start from 36,900 AUD, in the base 118i. Additionally, the Australian people who love the 1-Series will [...]

BMW M4 Coupe Reviewed in Video

First unveiled back in August 2013, BMW M4 has managed to transform the entire sports segment for good, bringing a new concept of how a genuine sports car should be in terms of high-performance and exquisite body language. And for that, a lot of aftermarket specialists have laid their hands on this splendid and rare [...]

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