April 21, 2024
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Adult Film Director Miles Long Spotlights Superstar Tori Black in Street Cars 101 Magazine

Veteran adult filmmaker Miles Long makes magic with a stunning cover of film star Tori Black posing alongside his award-winning 2004 Forester STI Left Hand Drive Conversion to beautifully highlight Street Cars 101 magazine’s December issue. The longtime auto aficionado, whose glossy Sedona Red Subaru with matte gold rims took home the trophy for Best

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Featured Miscellaneous Tuning

How Long Does it Take to Install a Performance Chip?

Modifications on one’s car help with improvements to the car’s system. The effect is a ride with better handling due to the additives. One such additive that offers drivers more control is the performance chip. The performance chip as an aftermarket modification is best installed at the best Chevy dealership. It works as a mediator

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Featured Ford Tuning

Efficient Ways to Upgrade a Ford Mustang

Modern Ford Mustangs and Mustangs of the past are designed well. However, if you want to take one to the next level, this mustang mods guide will help you get started. Better Lights There are seven ways to upgrade a Mustang’s lighting. You could replace The fog lights The tail lights The headlights The puddle

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Featured Toyota Tuning

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series with Wide-Body Kit by Liberty Walk

The Japanese-based tuning company Liberty Walk has recently unveiled its latest creation, carried out on the newly-arrived 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series. The model got an extreme wide-body kit, along with some mild customizations inside the cabin as well. As you already know, Liberty Walk deals with extreme body make-overs, carried out on a

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Gallery Luxury Cars Rolls Royce Tuning

2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost by Mansory, New Design and Power

Whenever I get closer to a Mansory product, I get shiver down my spines, as the German tuning company is well-known for its exclusive yet aggressive design, or impressive power packages under the hood. And even if we are used to seeing plenty of crazy customizations mainly carried out on BMW models, Mansory does turn

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Other News Tuning

Top 5 Aftermarket Car Mods

The average American spends 26 minutes going to or from their job, the longest amount of time since this statistic has been taken. We are spending more time in our cars than ever, so naturally we should treat them as another aspect of our lives to upgrade, stylize, and personalize to reflect our unique lives

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Featured Mercedes Tuning

Black and Gold Mercedes-AMG G63 – Tuning by Brabus

The refined new Brabus Black and Gold Mercedes AMG G63 is a special variant model thrilled and enthusiast with styled and toned wider body by Brabus with numerous carbon elements and 23inch Brabus Monoblock Y hi-tech forged gold-painted wheels to contrast with black color gives it a sporty, elegant and superior look to catch and

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Ford Tuning

Hennessey`s Take on 2019 Ford VelociRaptor Reveals Monster Power

As already mentioned in other recent articles, the 2018 SEMA Show was specially created for tuning firms that wanted to show off with their new builds. Of course, car manufacturers were also present to display their new or custom-built rides in partnership with aftermarket companies. Hennessey from the United States is one of the most

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Classics Porsche Tesla Tuning

1977 Porsche 911 Coupe with Tesla Electric Motor, Installation by StreetFighter LA, Got Displayed at 2018 SEMA Show

The 2018 SEMA show taking place each year in the hot Las Vegas, United States, it`s home to thousands of bizarre, classic, vintage and mostly upgraded sports cars and supercars, in attempt to show that everything is possible in the auto business. So yes, we might say that the show is entirely dedicated to tuning

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Lamborghini Supercars Tuning

Lamborghini Urus by TopCar Is All Covered in Camo, Gets Carbon Visuals

Ever since its unveiling, no tuning company has dared to take on the imposing Lamborghini Urus. The SUV is aggressive enough to leave the impression that it needs no modifications whatsoever. Even so, crazy technicians from the Russian shop TopCar, who are well-known for their challenging projects on the most difficult to mod vehicles, have

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BMW Tuning

BMW X4 with Power Upgrades, Installation by DAHLER

It is always a delight admiring plenty of tuning programs carried out on BMW`s most astonishing models. And there were a few in the past that deserved our attention, like the M2, M3/M4 and some from the X division. These enhancements were brought by tuning firms that believed in the potential of those hot rides.

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Mercedes Tuning

This Is Almighty Mercedes-AMG E63 S with Mega 880HP by Posaidon

The German specialists from Posaidon tuning firm are well-known for their extreme take on the most exquisite models within the Mercedes-Benz lineup. They also bring massive make-overs under the hood for the latest AMG models. The tuner`s latest tuning job on a Mercedes-AMG can be seen below; it involves the already powerful AMG E 63

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Featured McLaren Tuning

Custom McLaren 675LT Gulf Racing F1 GTR “Longtail” Livery by MSO

McLaren`s hardcore division MSO, which deals with exclusive customizations on different supercars within the lineup, has created a special and unique 675LT wearing the spectacular Gulf-Davidoff racing livery, a tribute paid to the F1 GTR racer from 1997. To create such an astounding model, the program required permission from Gulf Oil International Ltd. Once done

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Peugeot Tuning

A New TAXI Movie is Set to Arrive This Year and it’s Going to be Awesome

The TAXI movie series has definitely made us laugh quite a lot of times. With this being the fifth installment, the adventure seems to continue as the action is yet again centered on the famous custom white Peugeot taxi. The movie promises speed, action and a ton of funny situations. All that remains to be

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Audi Auto Shows Tuning

ABT Sportsline Announces Upcoming Audi RS5-R at 2018 Geneva Motor Show

With Geneva Motor Show opening its gates in about a month, not only carmakers worldwide are preparing their latest rides, as tuning companies are also giving us a hint on their newest and most outrageous aftermarket programs. ABT Sportsline from Germany is an Audi-dedicated tuner that will present an astonishing model in Geneva. This is

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Ferrari Supercars Tuning

Ferrari 488 GTB – Carbon Fiber Aero Kit by Misha Designs

Engineers from Misha Designs tuner based in Los Angeles, California have been producing high-quality body kits since their establishment in 2004, with projects based on different Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari models. Recently, Ferrari enthusiasts have had the pleasure of seeing o gorgeous Ferrari 488 GTB getting a full carbon fiber aero kit from the same

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Nissan Tuning

Nissan Serena by Autech

When thinking of Nissan performance sub-brands, the first name that pops to mind is the Nismo brand. As it happens, Nissan has been also working with another sub-brand, going by the name Autech. The people over at Autech, just like the folks at Nismo have dedicated their time and passion in order to upgrade most

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Auto Shows Featured Ford Tuning

Ford Previews Expedition Series, Get ready to Rumble in Vegas

Many car manufacturers and tuning companies worldwide are making the final preparations before exposing their special rides, concepts and customized vehicles at the upcoming 2017 SEMA Show, taking place each year in Las Vegas between October 1st – November 4th. Ford won`t be missing this year`s party and has prepared some special Expedition models in

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Tuning VW

This Is ABT Sportsline`s Power Take on VW Arteon

German tuner ABT Sportsline has a keen eye for one-off models from Audi or Mercedes-Benz, but recently it managed to create a unique program for the new Volkswagen Arteon, both visually as well as from a performance perspective. Following the announcement of an exclusive aero package for the official replacement of the VW CC back

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Mercedes Tuning Videos

Video: Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe by Prior Design Doesn’t Look Decent at All

Initially oriented towards interior customizations, the German folks from Prior Design shop have taken the tuning segment by storm by releasing plenty of programs lately, which involve impressive aero kits, transforming average cars into masterpieces. And we have seen plenty of models receiving exquisite body style programs which have been also presented at different auto

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