BMW unveils the new 4 Series Convertible

The Germans at BMW pulled the wraps off the open-top version of the 4 Series. The all-new model will be seen in world premiere at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, in November. Under the hood, U.S. buyers will get a total of three units, namely a 2.0-liter engine producing 245 horses, a more powerful [...]

Make the Most of a Visit to a Car Supermarket

Car supermarkets have started a revolution in the UK car buying arena. How? By offering a host of cars at remarkably low prices. Not long ago, you had to search forlornly through private sellers’ adverts in local publications or chance your local dealers’ forecourt hoping that someone has not beaten you to a great deal. [...]

BMW officially reveals the M4 Coupe concept

The Germans at BMW officially introduced the M4 Coupe concept, the prototype which previews the upcoming production model. At the exterior, the sports car benefits from new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, large 20-inch alloy wheels, new hood and optical blocks. Power is provided by a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine producing around 450 horsepower and [...]

BMW i3 officially presented to the world

We have been talking about the launching of BMW i3 for so long that we felt it is taking too long to its debut. Nevertheless, the event took place yesterday and the German car maker decided to make it available via YouTube. The presentations were organized in parallel in London, New York and Beijing and [...]

BMW and Toyota discussing their options for the joint sports car

BMW fans are well aware of the project that the German car maker started in collaboration with Toyota, in an attempt of coming up with a joint sports car. All the enthusiasm and excitement of the team up gone, now everybody is wondering what units are BMW and Toyota taking into account. Information we have [...]

BMW i3 official prices announced in advance

Expected to make an official and global debut by the end of July, BMW i3 electrical vehicle prices were publicly announced, with reference to the US and German markets. Naturally, the published prices of BMW i3 refer to the base versions and, as we already know, standard versions can often be almost bare. Either way, [...]

BMW 4-Series M Performance

BMW 4-Series M Performance is the long waited replacer of 3-Series Coupe and it is getting closer and closer to its debut on the market. This week the German car maker introduced us the first official images of its BMW 4-Series M Performance, available for ordering beginning with 2014. It all happened in Lisbon, during [...]

BMW X1 Review

A high-performance car with plenty of top features, the BMW X1 has certainly generated plenty of attention since its release.

BMW change of strategy through its next M4 revealed

As you may have already heard, the beloved 3 series of BMW – coupe models to be more precise – are expected to change their name into 4 series. In the same way, what we expected to be an M3 coupe will be a BMW M4 coupe! What is it will all this change, you [...]

BMW M5 Nighthawk Limited Edition

While there is no secret that BMW is doing great on the Chinese market, where sales have outnumbered the ones from US, it appears that the German car maker seriously targets the entire Asian market. The BMW’s limited edition M5 Nighthawk is one special treat offered to Japan. In fact, it is such a special [...]

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