BMW M6 Gran Coupe – Road & Track Test

Thanks to the guys from Road and Track, we get the chance to see how a BMW M6 Gran Coupe actually works on rough real speed testing. So read on and you will find out that the numbers are quite catchy! Long story short, they used a BMW M6 Gran Coupe with a manual changing [...]

Power and flexibility for the new 2014 BMW X5 design

Judging by its dynamic proportions on a vertical, the new BMW X5 stands out, from a distance, as a model of BMW X. Even so, it has introduced some new design characteristics, all of which suggest dominance, power and versatility. The German car maker revealed so far no less than nine different combinations in terms [...]

BMW Concept Ninety unveiled

BMW finally unveiled the anticipated Concept Ninety bike, a 90 years hommage motorcycle. For the unique design, they employed outside help in the form of Roland Sands, who managed to bridge the gap between two eras. The Concept Ninety BMW bike is based on the older R90S model, and it shows in the overall style, [...]

Mini to receive LED lights

It seems that Mini is falling victim to the Stockholm syndrome. Being under the BMW tutelage, it even starts to adopt some of the features from their vehicles. For now, the ported feature consists of the German car maker’s trademark angel eyes, and they will be fitted in place of the fog lights. These new [...]

BMW ranked best by Forbes

When it comes to money and economical power, Forbes is your guide in this world. And if you ever find your name in there, it means you’ve done so well you won’t have to work another day in your life. The same kind of prestige also applies to companies that are judged by Forbes based [...]

BMW K 1600 GTL receives arm rests

Riding a bike is fun, fast and dangerous. And any owner thrives on that. What the riders don’t like is the fact that long drives are extremely tiresome. This applies not only to the driver of the motorcycle, but also to any passenger willing to get on. Considering all this, any kind of feature that [...]

Customizing a BMW motorcycle

Motorcycle tuning and custom motorcycle builds are just as popular as the car counterpart. And there are plenty bikes out there that can attest to that. And behind any tuning project is a busy mind, bending the vehicle into shapes that leave by-standers in awe. And if you ever saw a peculiar looking BMW bike [...]

The popularity of BMW

The BMW has developed into a real symbol of the German accuracy and technological quality since the great usage of its vehicles has been spread all over the world. It is commonly known that the German quality is unbeatable when it comes to the automobile industry and for this particular reason the existing clients of [...]

How to Know If Your BMW Needs Repairs

V12 powered Ferrari Enzo replica up for sale on eBay

Back throughout history, the Germans and Italians have had a few collaborations. They didn’t always end well. In the present, things are a bit different. Audi have shown us that they can work with the Italians to create some stunning results. Question is, can these fragile relations be improved upon by a fan of Ferrari? [...]

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