Tesla Model S 70D Announced with Lots of Power at Cheaper Price

The Tesla based North American carmaker has had a lot of success with its Model S electric version, managing to reach first place on the American EV market, outselling Nissan LEAF and BMW i3 or BMW i8 in the first quarter of 2015. But it seems that Americans want more from Tesla, something new and [...]

Tesla Model S Convertible Confirmed in First Images

The Tesla Model S Convertible has been rumored numerously times, without knowing for sure if the model would come out, but recent images on the public road, confirm the go ahead of the model on the market. We are talking about some pictures taken in Netherlands, with the Tesla Model S Convertible pulling over at [...]

Electroluminescent paint presented on a Tesla Model S

New technologies for the automotive industry are researched everyday and recently I just learned about what LumiLor calls electroluminescent paint. After seeing what it can do, I can already imagine the endless possibilities it opens in the aftermarket sector, even if it will likely be outlawed for use on public roads. Basically, this paint reacts [...]

Tesla Model S Crashes in China

A new Tesla Model S was seen in China, this time with the powerful model ending up being crashed pretty hard, which would make its driver pull out a lot of money out of his pocket. According to some local publications, like CarNewsChina, the driver of the Tesla Model S was trying to make an [...]

Two-Door Coupe Tesla Model S Tweaked

The famous North American Tesla Model S was recently tweaked wearing a two-door body style, meaning that the North American automaker is planning to launch the model in the following years. The rendering with the Tesla Model S electric car coming in a two-door coupe body style is a clear indication that the version will [...]

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