May 30, 2024
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2017 Opel Ampera-e Is as Fast as the OPC Sports Cars

The auto industry has been fast developing for the last couple of years, with a lot of new segments to offer alternatives for conventional vehicles.

We are talking here about the electric segment being the preferred one for more and more automakers worldwide. And things don’t stop here, as manufacturers are trying to built extremely fast EVs, besides their low or zero emission standards.

The latest example of an EV that is trying to be as fast as a sports car is the all-new 2017 Ampera-e model developed by Opel, the model popping-up in a video ahead its official introduction at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, next September.

As the German based carmaker stated, the Opel Ampera-e is set to revolutionize the segment with “acceleration and overtaking ability like a sportscar”.

The car`s main highlight is the electric powertrain under the hood, the Opel Ampera-e coming with an electric motor, developing a pure 200 horsepower and 360 Nm of torque, with performance to be close to the OPC-like models.

The entire electric drivetrain allows a sprint from 0 to 50 km/h in 3.2 seconds, and a sprint from 80 to 120 km/h in 4.5 seconds. The topping is also set at 150 km/h. All these performance figures are also possible thanks to the car`s 60 kWh lithium ion-battery pack.

The carmaker has also released a drag video with the 2017 Opel Ampera-e taking on the Astra TCR, Corsa OPC, Insignia OPC and Adam R2. The result will find it yourself by clicking the play button. If you are impressed by the EV`s performance, let us know in the comment section below! Enjoy!

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