May 30, 2024
Mercedes Tuning

Abu Dhabi Dealer Welcomes Special Mercedes AMG GT S with Prior Design Aero Kit

I can`t say I am crazy about Mercedes-Benz models but I do have to admit that there are particular rides that dig for, especially those that wear the AMG signature on the body and under the hood.

But even AMGs or Brabus models get their share of customizations, and this Merc seen here is the real proof that everything is possible in the tuning world.

We are looking here at a custom built Mercedes-AMG GT S wearing the Prior Design`s aero kit and looking extremely sexy yet comfortable at the carmaker`s exclusive dealership in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is well-known for housing a lot of important carmakers with their custom-built rides, particularly to be sold to rich customers within the area.

This lad here stands out from the crowd with the matte grey exterior which highlights each new styling bit added by Prior Design tuner.

Besides the one-off exterior, the Mercedes-AMG GT S also offers a spectacular look thanks to the plethora of exclusive body styling features, like buffed up front and rear fenders, bespoke bumpers and side sills, revised aprons and fresh vented bonnet.

Other features follow, like front spoiler lip, rear diffuser and side skirts, the rear end being complemented with the duck tail spoiler, which makes it even more aggressive.

Besides the good looks, the interior adds black and red upholstery with stitching and piano black, carbon fiber accents, sport steering with Alcantara. Since we are dealing here with a standard model, the power under the hood still remains unchanged, meaning pure 510 horsepower.

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