May 27, 2024
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BMW Concept Ninety unveiled

BMW Concept Ninety Bike

BMW finally unveiled the anticipated Concept Ninety bike, a 90 years hommage motorcycle.

For the unique design, they employed outside help in the form of Roland Sands, who managed to bridge the gap between two eras.

BMW Concept Ninety Bike
BMW Concept Ninety Bike

The Concept Ninety BMW bike is based on the older R90S model, and it shows in the overall style, but it doesn’t fail to bring it to this century. When taking on this project, the designer really delivered, bringing a fast, sporty bike that follows the basics of BMW products.

It is a clean, yet aggressive design, incorporating elements of the older R90S with state of the art technology. Power comes thanks to an air-cooled engine, and from what we can glean so far, it is quite an impressive feat of engineering and design. It’s certainly worthy of bearing the mark of both giant BMW and acclaimed artist Roland Sands.

The following video offers an insight on the creation process of Roland Sands and a final demonstration of the bike. Enjoy.

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