April 17, 2024

BMW M4 with LB Aero Kit by ADV.1 Wheels

The BMW M4 is popping-up into the spotlights thanks to a styling program carried out by the engineers from ADV.1 Wheels tuner, involving an impressive Liberty Walk wide kit. We all know what a Liberty Walk kit means – it makes a car look extremely aggressive with the plethora of imposing body parts – and

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Ferrari Tuning

Ferrari 458 Speciale Sits on ADV.1 Wheels

The official replacement of the 458 Italia, the Ferrari 458 Speciale has popped-up in our news again, wearing the special wheels from ADV.1 Wheels tuner, the supercar looking quite menacing. We are dealing here with the ASV05C Track Spec CS wheels, measuring 21×9.5 and 21×13 front and rear, all finished in a two-tone matte black

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Nissan Tuning

Nissan GT-R with ADV.1 Wheels, Photo Session Exposed

The aftermarket specialists from the ADV.1 Wheels tuning company have recently laid their eyes on this gorgeous Nissan GT-R and fitted it with their high-performance set of wheels, an occasion that led to a photo session which best showcase the entire work of art. It is not every day we see the Nissan GT-R wearing

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Featured Porsche Tuning

Porsche Panamera Grand GT by Techart, Sits on ADV.1 Wheels

UK`s Porsche special tuning division Techart, is making a come-back with their latest tuning program carried out on the new Porsche Panamera, which is what they called the Panamera Grand GT, the aftermarket specialists also fitting it with a new set of wheels from the ADV.1 Wheels tuning. It is a special Porsche Panamera edition,

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Audi RS7 Sits on ADV.1 Wheels

I haven’t seen many Audi models, especially the high-end Audi RS7, receiving any body style upgrades, as they are already coming with stock aggressive styles and exquisite design lines. But the fitting of customized wheels will definitely make them standout even more. It is also the case of this Audi RS7, which has been fitted

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