April 24, 2024
Featured Miscellaneous Tips

7 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Select the right gear This tip is strictly for manual car owners, changing the gear according to your car’s speed can save your fuel. Apply the gear which is the highest gear for your optimal speed so that your car never stalls. Don’t ride the clutch Riding the clutch is the most common problem that

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DIY Tips

Simple DIY Stuff to Know About Your Car

Let’s face it, folks, cars are awesome! Especially muscle cars, sports cars, and high-performance vehicles. While anyone can appreciate a quality car, few of us can actually pop the hood or the trunk and understand what’s really going on inside.  Today, we’re going to put the gloves on and take you front and center to

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Mazda Other News

4 Key Benefits of Keeping Your Vehicle in Top Condition

If you’re the type that believes in keeping a car or truck in top shape, congratulations? It’s not unusual for some people to begin slacking off with the upkeep and maintenance after the first year or two. By avoiding that trap and continuing to take great care of your Mazda 3, you get to enjoy

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