April 12, 2024
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Unveiling the HiPhi A: China’s Futuristic Electric Marvel

In the realm of electric vehicles, China’s Human Horizons has once again pushed the boundaries with its latest creation – the HiPhi A. This electric supercar, born under the HiPhi brand, is not just a glimpse into the future; it’s a tangible reality set to redefine the electric vehicle landscape. Let’s delve into the details

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Featured Mercedes

China: Official Video Reveals 2019 Mercedes A-Class L Sedan

With China becoming the world`s largest car market, a lot of carmakers have turned their attention towards building up special cars to increase their profitability. From Mercedes-Benz comes the China-only A-Class L Sedan, a stretched version of Europe`s 2019 A-Class hatchback. Speaking of the car`s arrival in China with an extended variant, Hubertus Troska, Member

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Asia-Only Mitsubishi Lancer Revealed in First Leaked Images

Mitsubishi manufacturer is clearly on a strict diet concerning its future model range, deciding to reduce its car to just a bunch, especially in Europe. This means that the gorgeous and iconic Lancer will not leave to see another day. However, in Asia – particularly in China and other local markets – the carmaker decided

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Reports Indicate Citroen Aircross SUV`s Presence In China in 2018

The French-based Citroen carmaker is trying to tackle the largest auto market in the world, China, with a new product which is reported to arrive sometime next year. We are dealing here with the long-rumored Citroen Aircross SUV, which was first seen in flash as a concept model in Shanghai, two years ago. According to

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GM Announces Chevy Silverado & Colorado Arrival in China

The absolutely magnificent and extremely powerful Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado are ready to arrive in China, as part of the GM`s plans of strengthening its position on the Chinese market against the likes from Ram or Ford. Once debuting in Asia starting the first quarter of 2017, both pickup trucks will come with rather the

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Skoda Kodiaq Coupe Heads to China, Might Be a Local Market-only Affair

The long-rumored and expected Skoda Kodiaq SUV was recently launched on the market, but the Czech-based carmaker is already planning a Coupe version, destined for the Chinese market alone. The news was also officially confirmed by Bernhard Maier, CEO at Skoda, during an interview with AutoExpress, stating that “The coupe SUV is a wonderful derivate.

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2017 Citroen C6 Gets China Premiere

China is the world`s largest auto market with a lot of important or less important carmakers to get their share of the segment. The French based Citroen has also released the 2017 C6 on the Asian market, the model being available from 25,700 euros, the equivalent of 189,900 yen. Considering the destination fees and other

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General Motors

GM`s China-only Baojun 310 Hatchback Breaks Cover

General Motors has recently announced the availability of a China-only model, called the Baojun 310, a strange name that initially may have suggested a low-end model. The model has been planned alongside a joint venture created with SAIC and Wiling (SGMW) and is destined for the China market alone, the model mixing the “traditional styling”

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Long-Wheelbase Mercedes-Benz E-Class L Arrives in China

Almost every high-end model from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW or Volvo has to have got a special long-wheelbase version put aside for the Chinese market. Why? Because Chinese people fancy long cars with exquisite features. Recently, Mercedes-Benz has announced the availability of the all-new Mercedes-Benz E-Class L on the Chinese market, the long-wheelbase model arriving in

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Chrysler Fiat Jeep

China: Fiat-Chrysler Starts Production of Jeep Renegade

China is the world`s most important auto market with a lot of carmakers to bring their new toys to boost their sales. The reason is pretty obvious: the low import taxes is a real heaven for them, a fact that allows significant profits on the aforementioned market. With the SUV segment also in development, Fiat-Crysler

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Buick LaCrosse Hybrid Breaks Cover in Shanghai

The Buick LaCrosse Hybrid is ending up in our news again, the model being recently unveiled in Shanghai, China. In terms of visuals, the Hybrid version is looking the same as the standard LaCrosse but stands out from the crowd with a good mph. The technical specifications refer to a 1.8-liter SDI high-tech powertrain working

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BMW Plans Double Production in China

China has become perhaps the major market for BMW, as the German carmaker is already planning to increase its production by twice as much, due to the high-demand. This why because Chinese fans are becoming more and more sophisticated in choosing BMW over other carmakers. But BMW is trying to turn its face to the

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Electric Cars VW

Volkswagen Goes Electric in China

The Volkswagen Group German based carmaker is planning to introduce 20 models running on electric-battery, in order to cope with its upper rivals like BMW, Tesla or Nissan. Volkswagen Group has previously announced that the company would launch at least 15 NEVs in China, by 2018, with the company to rethink strategy and offer 20

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Supercars Tesla

Tesla Model S Crashes in China

A new Tesla Model S was seen in China, this time with the powerful model ending up being crashed pretty hard, which would make its driver pull out a lot of money out of his pocket. According to some local publications, like CarNewsChina, the driver of the Tesla Model S was trying to make an

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China: Ferrari 458 Italia Flies off Highway

Exotic supercars like Ferrari will always end-up in the news, as week after week there must be a supercar Ferrari ending up in a ditch or getting crashed on a highway. It is also the case of a Ferrari 458 Italia that has crashed in China, due to excessive driving, the supercar literally flying off

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Opel Shuts down Production in China, Still Goes Ahead with Buick in the US

The Opel German based manufacturer has announced that it will shut down its production in China, but will continue selling the Buick in the U.S. Opel has come up with the decision of shutting down production in China after the poor sales the automaker had in 2013. We are talking about just 4,365 cars being

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Stretched Cadillac ATS-L Custom Made for China

China seems to favor long-wheelbase the same way the Americans love their huge SUVs, and with the growing demands for the Chinese market for these kind of cars, it is now Cadillac`s time to reconfigure the ATS model for the Asian country. Chinese people begin to love long wheelbase cars, so a lot of imports

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Auto Shows Other News

China`s Qoros Second Production Model to Debut at Geneva Motor Show

Qoros, an Israeli-Chines joint venture was first launched early this year, and now, a new second model seems to arise, since some teaser images announces its debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Qoros second model is coming with features from many of the design traits of the Qoros 3, which is considered to be

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Tesla wants to sell its Model S in china

With the Chinese market in full bloom, the car makers flock to the Asian country to get a piece of the cake while it’s still fresh. Following its recent success with the Model S electric vehicle, Tesla might be pushing to sell the car in the aforementioned country. As with the other markets, Tesla will

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Saab 9-3 officially entering production in 2013

Seems like what we’d heard about the future of Saab is coming true. The Saab 9-3 is going to enter production. It will happen this year, at a later and yet to be specified date but, as expected, it won’t be happening in Sweden, at Saab’s regular place of business. What will happen is that

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