May 22, 2024

Michael Schumacher Sells his Ferrari FXX as well as Enzos

We don’t know the tale at the rear of Michael Schumacher’s choice to trade his Ferrari FXX and also Enzo supercars, yet many of us suppose he didn’t provide an effortless moment parting ways together. What we can say for sure even so is that the Ferrari FXX comes with a selling price involving $2.6

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Ferrari Tuning

Ferrari Enzo tuning kit by Gemballa

Ferrari Enzo received another tuning kit, this time from German specialists in change of Porsche models – those from Gemballa. German tuners from Gemballa, specialized in Porsche models modifications, have created an extreme package for Ferrari Enzo. The result is called MIG-U1 and looks great. Ferrari Enzo was completed modified at exterior and interior and

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