May 22, 2024

CarGuard’s Tips For Picking Vehicle Protection Plans

Buying a car is always exciting. Whether new or used, it’s a different set of wheels to enjoy and a wealth of experiences waiting to happen. You can use it for work travel, family holidays, and weekend adventures. Before putting in countless miles, take care of the basics. Anticipated potential problems and find solutions ahead

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Signs That Tell You To Get A New Car

[Image Source] A new car can be a welcome change when you’ve driven your current car into the ground. Unfortunately, even though it’s an expensive commodity, it won’t last you forever, so here are some signs that tell you it’s time to get a new car. Your Car Always Needs Repairing Repairing a car isn’t

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4 Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself When You Need a Car

There are a million and one different car manufacturers with different types of cars and a hundred and one different features in each of these cars. Due to the large amount of variety and options available in the market, there is not one “best car” for anyone, as what is perfect for one person could

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What to Consider When Budgeting for a New Car

Regardless of any dreams and ambitions which we may have, when buying a car, it is important that we stick to the budget which we can actually afford. Regardless of whether you plan to buy the car outright or you are looking into financing, it is still important not to live beyond your means. Buying

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Smart will expand lineup and make a crossover

Smart is one of those unfortunate stories in terms of automotive presence. They have never really achieved success but Mercedes haven’t given up on them. They’ve went up from a single quirky model to two quirky models and then came up with the more conventional ForFour that looked a bit different. Currently however, with companies

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Maserati working on new above Gran Turismo car

Wow, is the simplest way to describe the way Maserati’s surprising us these days with a new announcement about their development plans. Having gotten the new Quattroporte off their plate and the Ghibli and Kubang being pretty much sorted out, the Italians are ready to shock us. Insider sources from the Trident brand are saying

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Renault Tata

Renault targets a Tata Nano rival

The French used to be known for quirky, out of the box cars up to around a couple of decades ago and since then it’s been pretty much going downhill. Currently they seem to make cars that are quite interesting but are far from being so. They look a little interesting but are rather boring

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Caterham has future plans for a new car or more

The British car industry is currently going through a phase where they’re actually looking at modern ideas and starting to realize the was was over a long time ago. They’re competing with the Germans, they’re offering globally competitive products and they’ve even shaken off the awful old school image. Caterham on the other hand doesn’t

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Renault to enter luxury market with Mercedes help

The French car industry is pretty much famous in Europe for making affordable cars, offering them at very competitive prices and sticking with front wheel drive. Renault however looks like is about to change some of those conceptions about themselves as they plan to enter to high-end luxury market. In doing so they plan to

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Land Rover

Land Rover finally updates Defender

Not that long ago, people used to make fun about how the British manufacturers forgot to stop making or update their cars. Most of those jokes have been wiped away by recent efforts but there’s one car that’s hardly ever changed since all the way back in 1983, it’s the Land Rover Defender of course.

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