June 24, 2024

Maserati working on new above Gran Turismo car

Wow, is the simplest way to describe the way Maserati’s surprising us these days with a new announcement about their development plans. Having gotten the new Quattroporte off their plate and the Ghibli and Kubang being pretty much sorted out, the Italians are ready to shock us. Insider sources from the Trident brand are saying

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Fisker plans to unveil the Surf model in Frankfurt

Fisker isn’t exactly a company that’s enormous, full of money and which has a model lineup which includes hundreds of models but this isn’t putting a hamper on their plans. The luxury American car maker will be unveiling a new model at the upcoming 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and it presents quite the interesting situation.

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Skoda teases MissionL concept

As the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show comes closer and closer, manufacturers begin increasing the number of teasers and concepts they plan to unveil there. In regards to Skoda’s plans for the German event, they will be releasing the MissionL concept, a preshow for a new model for them The Skoda MissionL concept press release speaks

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Porsche confirms above 911 Ferrari beater

Somebody at Porsche has just had a stroke of inspiration. Within all their range expansion, they haven’t always been going the best route. Recently however, they decided to do what they do best once more, that’ll be the petrolhead pleasing action of Ferrari beating. The news comes from Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller who made the

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Porsche Supercars

Porsche rumored to work on a faster car than the Porsche 911 GT2

Porsche is tired of Ferrari and Lamborghini having their own way. Now that McLaren joined the game with the MP4-12C the Germans feel a disarmed. Rumor has it that they are now planning on making a new car, one that should compete with the Italian and British heroes while still making financial sense. That would

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Lamborghini Supercars

Lamborghini hints at Estoque as an “every day” model

When do you realize just how much you love your favorite Italian supercar maker? Couldn’t come up with a general formula but in my case and regarding Lamborghini, it was when their CEO came forward and announced how they are planning to make a new model, one destined for every day use. That sounds like

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McLaren working on a new hypercar

If I were to say “Mega Mac” to you, there would probably be nothing on your mind that relates to the British at McLaren. That however is simply not the case, “Mega Mac” is not a fast food offering, but the latest project the infamous Formula 1 team and sports car maker who gave us

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New Scala Model From Renault

This Renault Scala which you see in the picture above is the latest model from Renault. Ok, now you are maybe wondering why you didn’t heard anything about it so far, and the answer is very simple. This Renault Scala is nothing more than the older generation of Samsung SM3, which she also was a

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