April 18, 2024

SsangYong Tivoli 4×4 Prepares for the Winter with Interesting Updates

Developed and launched in 2015 as a response to the fast growing SUV market, the SsangYong Tivoli 4×4 is the company`s first small SUV to answer the heavy demands in the auto industry with exquisite off-road characteristics and sheer performance under the hood. We have already seen the model getting its share of fame in

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Yellow 2008 Porsche 911 (997) GT2 Is Up for Grabs, Cabin Is Fully Tweaked with Upgrades

Back in the old days, Porsche used to make extremely fast and powerful supercars, but with a terrifying sense of driving, as opposed to today`s generation, which makes them extremely easy and fun to drive. One standout model that gives you shivers down the spines when driving it is the 2008 911 (997) GT2, an

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2017 Cadillac ATS / CTS Pack Heavy Upgrades

The North American based Cadillac luxury carmaker has announced a series of important updates for the all-new 2017 ATS and CTS, both from a visual standpoint as well as for the interior highlights. From a visual standpoint, the 2017 Cadillac ATS doesn`t receive any significant changes in all its trim levels, the ATS, Luxury, Premium

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Videos VW

Video: Volkswagen Golf GTE Upgrades by ZIPtuning

The aftermarket specialists from the well-known ZIPtuning aftermarket shop have recently laid their eyes on the all-new Volkswagen Golf GTE, the first hybrid from the entire Golf line. The Volkswagen Golf GTE is a gorgeous car which comes with an evolutionary body style and an impressive hybrid powertrain under the hood. It is that Golf

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Jeep Tuning

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Receives Upgrades from Geiger Cars

Jeep Grand Cherokee is a genuine and iconic North American car, which has managed to keep the flame of driving alive for so many years, thanks to its impressive power under the hood and good looks. And I have to admit that I am attractive to this particular model, especially since we are talking about

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Ford Videos

Video: 2015 Ford Focus ST ready to Tackle Goodwood

The Ford North American based automaker has just made an official announcements that the 2015 Ford Focus ST would be launched at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The upcoming Ford Focus ST is presumed to come with a lot of upgrades which will put the sportscar in line with the company`s lineup. There are

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Aston Martin

Aston Martin Vanquish is the first Centenary edition out

As brand loyalists or some really boring know, this year infamous British car maker Aston Martin is celebrating 100 years of existence. A century in the business is not the sort of thing one gets over quickly. It’s actually the sort of thing that is celebrated all year round. In the case of the Brits,

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Caterham Superlight R600 provides new yardstick

Caterham must have taken a look at the whole of the British car industry and they will undoubtedly have noticed the changes. Everybody is going for sharp modern designs, all sorts of new technologies, improved interior quality and quite the focus on fuel economy. Caterham were quite impressed so they decided to completely ignore the

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Ram 1500 pickup gets minor facelift for 2013

There’s a lot of cars being facelifted every year, receiving some more or less significant details about them in order to keep up with the times. At least’s that’s what it says in the press release, otherwise it’s all done in the interest of resale value. It does however give manufacturer a chance at making

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2014 Maserati Quattroporte patent drawings leaked

Nowadays just about every major player in the luxury car maker list is making a four door supercar but in the beginning there was only one. It was called the Maserati Quattroporte and though it went through a few updates so far, the first major revamp is only scheduled for 2014. Since most of us

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Dodge Durango gets Police and Firefighting specification

The newest redesign of the Dodge Durango is one of the most impressive makeovers to spawn from the Big Three’s bankruptcy fright and this shows in most aspects. Now however it seems that the US authorities have started taking notice of these updates and Chrysler is only too happy to create custom vehicles for them.

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Chevrolet Sonic hits SEMA hard

Along side the usual smattering of Corvettes, Camaros and Silverados with an enormous amount power from Chevrolet, SEMA is going to get a special presence. It’s special in a rather unusual sense for the Las Vegas show which generally refers to over the top creations. This time, the considerably more humble Chevrolet Sonic takes center

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Ford gives F-150 mild update for 2012

Ford and their F-150 may be ahead, but they aren’t backing down. According to the most recent of press releases from the Blue Oval, their star pickup is going to get a few changes so it welcomes 2012’s arrival. None of these changes are very big, but some of them make a huge difference so

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Classics Muscle Cars Shelby

Classic Recreations presents the Shelby G.T.350CR

If there’s something that never dies in the world of car fan currents, it’s the retro fad and that’s most of the reason why we keep seeing new “launches” that come from the past. The latest in such a line is (yet) another recreation of the 1965 Ford Mustang that gets a new Shelby badge,

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2012 Ford F-150 gets even better

Ford’s F-150 pickup is and has been for several years the market leader for a considerable deal of years and it has achieved this by having several important strong points. Whenever the opposition would catch up or at least minimize the gap the Blue Oval would keep on improving on their F-150 even further. 6

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Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG enhanced by Inden Design

From the outset I’d like to say it’s awfully difficult to find a proper name for the set of modifications Inden Design applied to the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG. Sure, there was a very interesting series of upgrades, but almost none of them feel like they are true aftermarket products.

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BMW 1 Series M Coupe crowned MotoGP safety car

Apart from being a great mixture between fun, pedigree and tradition, the BMW 1 Series M Coupe does have a serious side in its safety rating. I don’t think that particular side will make much of a difference given its latest assignment where the smallest M Car out there gets a job as the MotoGP

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G-Power gets hands on the best BMW M3 GTS

In the world of specialist tuners, few stand to the challenge as much as G-Power does for BMW. The latest project the German tuner chose is one close to the hearts of every true blooded Bavarian fan, the E92 BMW M3 GTS.

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VeilSide 4509 GTR Toyota Supra, or something

Before we take a serious look at the pictures available here I’d like to make a few things clear: The Toyota Supra is a very old car and it needs something truly shocking in order to stand out and this creation has been unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. Now that we got the fine

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BMW Off-Road

BMW gives Americans more performance for their X5s

Whenever I glance at the BMW X5 I always think, god that drives well. I never considered that it’s an offroader or any such thing. Let’s put it this way, mud will most likely stay away from the BMW X5’s tires. This must be why the Bavarians aren’t offering a raft off road accessories but

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