Mazda Takeri concept to be unveiled in Tokyo

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After some concerns with the Mazda 6 ceasing to exist, we get this concept and apart from anything else, it is a really striking piece of design.

Mazda Takeri Concept

Mazda Takeri Concept

Seemlessly mixing a feeling of robustness and swapping the old Zoom Zoom ideology in favor of the new Kodo designs, the Mazda Takeri is quite the tempting offering so far.

There’s quite the probability that pending its unveiling at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show the Mazda Takeri will get a few mild design changes before becoming a road going model.

Mazda Takeri Concept

Mazda Takeri Concept

Despite this, the sales success of the newly introduced Mazda 6 are very likely to depend on different factors than how good it actually is.

This same concept brings to focus a 2.2 liter SKYACTIV-D diesel engine that’s ready to deliver 175 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque.