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As we try to delve a little deeper into the Nissan Invitation Concept we find that details are still pretty scarce on what it’ll be like.

Francois Bancon, Deputy Division General Manager of Product Strategy and Product Planning Division for Nissan (Quite the title, right?) was on hand to help us out on that matter.

Nissan Invitation Concept

Nissan Invitation Concept

Apparently, the whole point of the Nissan Invitation is to be… inviting. That means the interior is bound to be pretty much awesome.

Certainly there’s plenty of sexy stuff in the concept version of the Nissan Invitation but how many will survive into a production version?

We’re guessing quite a few actually. Obviously, the very exclusive and expensive materials will be reduced to more affordable stuff but the gadgets should stay.

Nissan Invitation Concept

Nissan Invitation Concept

Finally, the powertrain of the Nissan Invitation Concept is going to be part of the company’s Pure Drive lineup and should have a few special features.

Naturally, fuel economy is going to be the first selling point whereas the emissions levels should come in comfortably below the 100 g/km of CO2.