Details about 2011 BMW X6

We all know that BMW X6 is a very powerful, comfortable and respectable car, and next year a new X6 will make his appearance. It’s a little too soon to have the full info about this future come BMW X6, and as you can see I have been able to find just one picture with [...]

The future come 2011 BMW M5- spy photos and details

Finally some spy photos come to the surface, we only heard about a BMW M5 in year 2011 but now we can admire it from the images. Well, just look at her, is inspiring speed and comfort in the same time. If you want peoples to turn their heads when you pass through this BMW [...]

News about BMW X6 M upgraded by Hamann

We have here a pretty powerful car prepared for Geneva Auto Show, I’m talking about a BMW X6 M equipped by Hamann with a 4.4 liter turbocharged engine, obviously for those customers that want power. I’m telling you with a great excitement that Hamann with that HM670 tuning kit made this BMW X6 M a [...]

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