May 26, 2024

Details about 2011 BMW X6

We all know that BMW X6 is a very powerful, comfortable and respectable car, and next year a new X6 will make his appearance. It’s a little too soon to have the full info about this future come BMW X6, and as you can see I have been able to find just one picture with this great SUV because like I said, is still early.

Maybe we don’t have the full info but we have what’s the most important, I know that 2011 BMW X6 will be equipped with an amazing eight speed automatic gearbox, but find out that the BMW’s X6 M engine (having 555 horsepower) is not part of the update yet.

If you want the xDrive35i on your 2011 BMW X6 your car will be able to reach 100 km/h in exact 6.7 seconds, and with xDrive50i (better than xDrive35i) your 2011 BMW X6 will be able to reach the same speed in just 5.4 seconds. I have the information that 2011 BMW X6 will be available from dealers in Europe at early April, don’t miss the opportunity.

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