May 17, 2024
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2009 Dodge Challenger Daytona Concept

2009 Dodge Challenger Daytona Concept

It’s a very good concept and I was very surprised when I saw how was 2009 Dodge Challenger Daytona Concept looking before to be built. Better said, from what car it was modified. You can see the start car in the last thumbnail. 2009 Dodge Challenger Daytona Concept has a lot of old school cars look but it is also looking pretty futuristic.

The old school look is probably coming from the stock car that they used when started to build the 2009 Dodge Challenger Daytona Concept. You can see that that car is very ugly and it looks at the same time, very cheap. 2009 Dodge Challenger Daytona Concept comes with the vortex super charger and a 5.7 liter V8 engine that is supposed to develop 600 horsepower.

Another amazing fact at 2009 Dodge Challenger Daytona Concept is that this is not the only model that exists. They will build if not yet started 500 copies to sell to the public wich is a very greatful thing.

2009 Dodge Challenger Daytona Concept2009 Dodge Challenger Daytona Concept2009 Dodge Challenger Daytona Concept

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  • Tim McDonald February 27, 2010

    My dream car always was & will be a 69 charged daytona or 70 plymouth superbird but this new concept challenger has got my passion aroused again it is the most beatiful car out there hands down.
    It has the looks the power and just sexy all the way around perfection 10 out of 10

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