June 18, 2024

2018 Skoda Superb Offered with Plenty of New Gadgetries and Technology

Those of you that love the all-new 2018 Skoda Superb and waiting to get it home in about a month or so, should know the high-tech equipment that it will come with, or the addons at the exterior.

In case you are addicted to technology, then the new Superb will provide just that. You get to enjoy the large displays for the new Colombos and Swing systems, and when I mean large, I mean 8 to 9.2 inches, from the precious 5 to 6.5 inches.

The car`s infotainment system will also receive the Connect App or the SmartLink+ with plenty of new apps that connect your smartphone to your car. The latter feature also allows you to stay in touch with your rear occupants via the Digital Voice Enhancement.

Besides the new gadgetries, your 2018 Skoda Superb can also be equipped with the Care Connect with automatic emergency call, adding as well the optional driver`s seat with ventilation, memory of massage functions. For the latter, you could pay more, but that might be a real treat whenever travelling long distances without the possibility for stops along the way.

And there is also the new Park Distance Control with Maneuver Assist, warning drivers by using acoustic signals and automatically braking while parking.

Leaving the interior with the plenty of high-tech gizmos, the new Superb can also look more appealing at the exterior, and that if you choose the new Velvet Red Metallic paintjob, or the new 19-inch light alloy Acamar wheels for greater stance and increase aggressive looks.

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