June 13, 2024

310 hp Seat Cupra R by Abt

Tuners from Abt and the Swiss Seat office have created a 310 hp version of Seao León Cupra R.This special version will be produced in only 200 copies.

Seat Cupra R by Abt

Several years ago, the definition of hot hatch compact segment was connected to the models that exceed 200 horsepower. The rules have changed over time, and after Ford put 305 horses on the front axle on the new Focus RS and even raised with a limited special version capable to develop 350-horsepower, things went crazy. In a good way.

Seat Cupra R by Abt

Well, because Seat Cupra R was not strong enough to compete with the Focus RS, the Swiss office of Seat and tuners from Abt created on their own a 31 0hp version of the Spanish model. The official reason of the launch of this model is to celebrate the triumph of SEAT in WTCC in 2009, but we are confident that changes made to the 2.0 liter TSI engine has been made with the RS’s image in the minds of the German engineers.

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