April 17, 2024

456 Harley Davidson helmets recalled by KBC

Hybrid C C Half Helmets

The helmet is probably the most important piece of protection equipment for any biker, so this is where you don’t want to skimp out.

So when there are some problems with the helmets, there is reason for concern.

Hybrid C C Half Helmets
Hybrid C C Half Helmets

Such issues are the reason KBC recalled a number of 456 Harley Davidson half helmets manufactured back in march, 2011. It seems the Hybrid C/C Half Helmets failed to pass a certain Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS), the #218 that deals with impact attenuation and penetration degree.

Not all helmets made in that period will be recalled, just the L, XL and XXL versions which KBC America deemed unfit to properly protect bikers in the case of an unfortunate event. The recall has yet to be programmed, but if you are in possession of the affected product, you can call KBC at 1-818-526-7771, using the recall number 13E025000.

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