June 16, 2024
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7 Reasons Why Owning a Motorcycle Beats Owning a Car

7 Reasons Why Owning a Motorcycle Beats Owning a Car Motorcycle Insurance

Riding a motorcycle provides immense pleasure. Having a bike means the feeling of freedom and a unique cool factor that you can never acquire in a car. Take on board that you can show your personality with your jacket and helmet as a bike rider. Amazingly, motorcycles are more appealing, and you can comfortably carry your vehicle with confidence either you are a male or a female rider.

Having a motorcycle means you will require less fuel and fewer resources. Generally, bikes retain relatively better value than a four-wheeled vehicles. Likewise, riding a bike needs your brainpower and escalates overall functioning. Typically, people enjoy the bike ride due to its high speed with lighter weight. With your bike, you can feel real freedom as you fly, and no limit can stop you.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

As a bike rider, you need to know Motorcycle insurance depends on various factors, and usually, bike riders have to pay their monthly dues. Bear in mind that you can avail various types of motorcycle insurance according to your choices, such as collision insurance, liability insurance, and comprehensive coverage. Before buying a motorcycle, check out the essential factors which decide your motorcycle insurance payment.

  • Motorcycle type
  • Your gender
  • Your age
  • Previous driving record
  • Residential location
  • Your credit scores

Why Should You Own a Motorcycle?

Owning a motorcycle gives you an incredible experience, unlike any other vehicle. If you desire to add a little thrill, adventure, and romance to your life, you should try it. Whether you want to take long rides on weekends or vacations, or commute, riding a motorcycle is a thrilling adventure. Riders have their reasons for choosing a motorcycle instead of a car. Here are eight reasons that will make your mind consider two wheels over fours.

Why Should You Own a Motorcycle Insurance


Before deciding to purchase a car or a motorbike, you need to estimate your budget. Bear in mind that a motorcycle beats a car hands-down in terms of price and maintenance cost. A car with 30 mpg is on the top end of the spectrum, while a motorcycle is actually on the low end. Take into account that motorcycles are far more cost-friendly to operate than a car. You can purchase a gallon of gas at a very reasonable cost that makes perfect sense to choose a motorcycle. Likewise, you can easily learn to maintain your motorcycle.


Parking is the most soothing and relaxing part of motorcycles. If you are a motorcycle rider, you will comfortably park. Finding your bike out of numerous vehicles is far easier than a car. As a bike rider, you don’t need to face the dilemma of parallel parking like four-wheel riders. Even in a very small space, you can effortlessly adjust your vehicle.

Outstanding Performance

Kawasaki Ninja 1000 High Performance Motorcycle Motorcycle Insurance
Kawasaki Ninja 1000

Take into account that one of its admirable qualities is its performance. Surprisingly, a car can never beat the motorcycle in terms of performance. If you want outstanding performance, it is a perfect choice for you. Ease of maneuverability and acceleration is much better than cars, which ultimately reduces the chances of accidents if you are riding on a bike. Generally, a bike covers a half-mile on the road before a four-wheeled vehicle ever gets into the second gear.


One of the amazing facts about motorcycles is freedom which only bike riders can feel. You can never gain the experience of traveling on an open road, and the wind is touching your face on any other vehicle. Reckon that you even can’t relate this feeling with all the windows rolled down in a four-wheeled vehicle, which is, in fact, quite irritating sometimes. For bike riders, riding is an easy way to escape from the surroundings and enjoy your moments.

Cool Factor

BMW R18 Transcontinental and BMW R18 B BMW Motorcycles
BMW R18 Transcontinental & BMW R18 B

Once you taste the flavor of riding, you can never step back because of its cool factor. Take on board that before rushing out to invest in a bike, you have to know that bike riding is a learning experience. Otherwise, you can’t feel the cool factor. Beating your fear and deal with a challenge is the real essence of the cool factor. People who are not capable of facing challenges never cross the stage of fearfulness. Keep in mind your flight response will enable you to beat your fear.

Safe and Secure

Motorcyclists are safer than car drivers. Bike riders focus more while riding on a car. Have you ever seen a rider is busy on his phone or indulging in some other activity while traveling? Never! That’s the real difference between both vehicles. The driver feels safe in a cage in a car and loses his attention, which is never possible on a motorcycle. Undoubtedly, bikes are riskier; that’s why if you are on a bike, you need to take a proactive stance and be more aware of the surroundings to ensure your safety.

Motorcycles Are More Eco-friendly

NAWA Racer Retro Style Electric Motorcycle
NAWA Racer Retro-Style Electric Motorcycle

Take into account that bikes are more eco-friendly. As its production demands minor resources, they require less fuel. More cylinders consume more energy. With a motorcycle, you will enjoy an eco-friendly ride. Since a bike is much smaller and lighter than a car and carries a maximum of two passengers, it usually comes with a single-cylinder engine. But cars come with as they have to carry more people.

How to Safely Ride on a Motorcycle

Riding on a motorcycle may seem risky. Getting into your motorcycle that can move faster than your legs will surely change your thinking. If you are a person who always puts effort into making accident-free rides, a motorcycle is not for you. Eventually, you can overcome your fear by putting more focus while riding a bike.

Be mindful of a few distractions or traffic on the road, due to which you may lose your concentration. For a bike rider, it is easy to avoid distractions than a car driver. Generally, bike riders focus more on avoiding accidents because they are on motorcycles. Riding on a bike is quite escapable in the worst driving situations.

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