April 20, 2024

All 799 units of the Ferrari F12tdf sold out

Ferrari seems to have a pretty big success with these limited edition models.

The Ferrari F12tdf sold out pretty quickly even though the steep starting price of over €310,000 may look like a setback. With 799 units to be produced, the Italian carmaker managed to make this car a rarity in the eyes of the potential customers.

As a reminder, the Ferrari F12tdf packs a 6.2-liter V12 engine producing 780 horsepower and 705 Nm of torque. It comes with a high-performance F1 DCT transmission and hits the 100 km/h mark from standstill in just 2,9 seconds.

Top speed is rated at 340 km/h which is definitely impressive and makes the Ferrari F12tdf a true supercar. At the exterior, the new model stands out thanks to the sloping roofline, vented hood, large air intakes, carbon fiber side skirts and a massive rear diffuser.

Carbon fiber was the material of choice for most of the parts, so the car is pretty light. With the news that all the units are sold out, we can only admire the Italian supercar in photos or, if you are lucky enough, on the streets.

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