May 29, 2024
Aston Martin

Aston Martin teases a new car

Aston Martin Teaser

Recently, Aston Martin acquired some more funds after Investindustrial bought a large amount of equity into the British car maker.

As the teaser they released suggests, that money is already being put to good use.

Aston Martin Teaser
Aston Martin Teaser

In a short clip, Aston Martin displays elements of what seems to be a new coupe. You can see the hood vents, center stack, and headlamps. The soundtrack of the clip presents the engine purring on this new model, and it appears a lot of fun will come from driving it.

The British car maker has made a lot of headlines this year, from the Investindustial purchase to the partnership with Daimler and the CC 100 Speedster Concept, this latest installment promising even more.

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