June 17, 2024
Audi Supercars Tuning

Audi RS6 Avant rejuvenated by Vilner Tuning

Vilner Tuning Audi RS6 Avant

Bulgarian Tuning, yeah, you know you want it. Well, on paper at least, you’ll almost certainly raise an eyebrow at the thought of something like this.

The same applies for the idea of a big fat Audi estate when it comes to recommending it for people wanting a sporty car. Somehow, these ideas do combine.

Vilner Tuning Audi RS6 Avant
Vilner Tuning Audi RS6 Avant

First of all, the milestone is set by Audi who’ve created the RS6 Avant, a Lamborghini V10 powered supercar dressed as an estate.

And as if the 571 horsepower and 479 lbfft of torque under the bonnet were not crazy enough, the Bulgarians at Vilner Tuning decided to make things even crazier.

Thankfully, they didn’t fit twin turbos to it and turn it into a wannabe racer it can never be given its weight and equipment levels.

Vilner Tuning Audi RS6 Avant
Vilner Tuning Audi RS6 Avant

Instead, they thought about the kids that may actually be ferried around in the back of such an Audi RS6 and make it into something they’d appreciate.

I’m not so sure if youngsters these days really care or can tell what’s going on with the newly fitted Alcantara and Nappa leather fittings.

Maybe they will appreciate the grooves in the stitching which is now green and brings some color to the otherwise black interior.

Vilner Tuning Audi RS6 Avant
Vilner Tuning Audi RS6 Avant

My best guess however is that they will appreciate the exterior. Mommy is no longer picking them up in a boring car but in something cool.

It has a two tone paint-job with lime green extravaganza and the wheels this Audi RS6 Avant runs on are wickedly cool black ones.

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