June 18, 2024

Behold the World`s First Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard with VR 10 Ballistic Protection

In case you are a real hot-shot and need protection against criminals that are after your money, then you should buy one of the world`s first Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard that is now coming with the VR 10 ballistic protection.

At a closer look, it may seem as a regular S600 but I assure you it is not. This is a fully certified VR 10 model, which is bulletproof and explosive resistant. This means that the model is also certified as an ERV 2010 model (Explosive Resistant Vehicles).

We are dealing here with a heavily modified sedan, the car featuring special aramid and PE components, adding polycarbonate coating for splinter protection. Besides the polycarbonate coating, the windows are also laminated, offering protection against explosives as well.

You can feel one hundred percent protected inside the car, on the sides, underneath as well as on top. For instance, underneath, the car uses an underbody armoring which protects the occupants` seats, adding intelligent overlapping systems as well, for improved safety against explosives.

In case you feel threatened and need protection asap, then you should know that this modified version is already available for sale, at a price of “just” €470,000. More than that, besides the S600, Daimler will be shortly offering the G500 Guard, GLE 350d 4MATIC, GLE 500 4MATIC Guard, as well as the S500 Guard.

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