April 12, 2024

Bike stunts – beginner level

Bike Riding Student

We all know that top stunt artists are not made, they are born. And judging from the clip circulating the internet, another star has begun his career.

During a motorcycle riding lesson, a (un)lucky student managed to pull off his first wheelie in a most accidental way.

Bike Riding Student
Bike Riding Student

What is amazing is not that he managed to cock up the front wheel of his motorcycle, but the fact that he held on for dear life (and great visual effect) for quite a while. At the end of his joy ride, he came out unscathed, maybe with an elevated heart rate.

In time, he might just be the next Evel Knievel, hopefully with less broken bones to his portfolio. That’s if he has not scared himself into never riding a bike ever again. For now, let’s enjoy the clip from the great provider: the internet.

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