May 27, 2024

BMW, electric cars and profitability

BMW Megacity teaser

The Germans over at BMW have revealed their intentions to go into electric power quite some time ago. Not long after came the announcement mentioning a dedication towards the Megacity project.

BMW Megacity teaser
BMW Megacity teaser

So far, we’ve got the interesting bits sorted, brimmed with anticipation so here comes BMW’s boring stuff, the plan, the economy, the business of the whole thing.

The Bavarians made their point with the help of their CEO, Mr. Norbert Reithofer, who said that the company expects the Megacity project to see a launch that’s anything but profitable. Apparently the same applies for electric drive altogether.

The thing is, that BMW’s public position is that yes, the Megacity won’t make money, but only at first.

And that statement makes me confused somehow. Either BMW is going for this whole electric vehicle hoo-rah just for the eco friendly power of marketing or they are hoping to achieve what Toyota managed with the Prius.

The first successful hybrid car was a financial hemorrhage throughout it’s early years on the market and then slowly but steadily managed to become not only profitable but eventually became a brand attribute.

I really don’t know what to make of this announcement BMW made but I hope they succeed at making a fun electric vehicle from a “drive-ability” point of view.

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