July 17, 2024

BMW, electric cars and profitability

The Germans over at BMW have revealed their intentions to go into electric power quite some time ago. Not long after came the announcement mentioning a dedication towards the Megacity project. So far, we’ve got the interesting bits sorted, brimmed with anticipation so here comes BMW’s boring stuff, the plan, the economy, the business of

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General Motors

GM’s plans for dealer network

The plans General Motors had installed for their dealer network have been slightly altered but are still headed for downsizing and, with this in mind, 900 GM dealerships have received a stay of execution from the company. According to Mark Reuss, GM North America President the schedule at the moment calls for approximately 5000 dealers

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Chrysler may exceede Marchionne’s expectations

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has made a recent statement in which he confirmed his optimism in Chrysler’s performance since it has surpassed all expectations by achieving profitability and plugging a severe cash leak in less than a year since filing for bankruptcy. His statement was pretty much full of words of praise for the American

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General Motors Opel

Germany hasn’t decided on Opel’s aid

The German Government has yet to produce a final decision on the plan of helping Opel’s situation and this is creating quite a bit of tension as thousands of jobs at the GM unit remain attached to an uncertainty of the future. Opel has been loosing money for quite some time and is seeking Government

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Ford Motor Company will take care of debt before paying dividents

Ford Motor Company’s executive chairman William Clay Ford Jr. announced this week to shareholders that dividend payments would not be made until the automaker pays down more of its debt. During the same statement he also mentioned that shareholders don’t have any right to complain, considering the soar in stock value and the fact that

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Nissan Tata

Nissan’s upcoming rival for the Tata Nano

Nissan has announced back in 2009 that it will be bringing forward a competitor for the Tata Nano at an equivalent price. Recently however Carlos Ghosn, Renault and Nissan CEO, has announced that the subcompact is not only expected to rival the cheap Nano but also to increase company profits.

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