June 14, 2024

BMW’s X6 trophy truck re-writes the book

BMW X6 Trophy truck

Lock up your children away unless you want them to cry for the rest of their life after having seen this, the BMW X6 trophy truck.

It’s not uncommon to see the reviewers and motoring journalists of the world call the BMW X6 ugly or worse but as far as the trophy truck version is concerned it’s simply out of this world.

BMW X6 Trophy truck
BMW X6 Trophy truck

None of these strongly engineered stripped out desert bashing vehicles has at one point been considered beautiful or sexy but even here there are some limits.

Generally the vehicle resembles a pickup truck, an SUV, a dune buggy or some sort man made object.

The BMW X6 trophy truck however resembles a blob of alien vomit mixed in with some sort of distorted plastic, metal and some sort of park bench for a rear spoiler.

BMW X6 Trophy truck
BMW X6 Trophy truck

If you’ve got a strong enough stomach to get past this frankly shocking exterior presence, the BMW X6 trophy truck is quite the capable machine.

The suspension provides 25 inches of travel up front and 32 inches at the back, the tires come from BF Goodrich’ finest range of off-road options and everything else about the X6 is seriously beefed up.

Interestingly enough, there’s some controversy regarding the BMW X6 trophy truck’s engine, while we know it has a bavarian badge on top and a 4.4 liter V8 block it is said to have some sort of GM connection.

BMW X6 Trophy truck
BMW X6 Trophy truck

That said, the BMW X6 trophy is apparently rated at 750 horsepower, making for one very fast fugly truck.


  • Steve Blane October 17, 2011

    I don’t get the hating on this truck. Looks tough and capable to me. Reminds me of the vicious comments about this car: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7QAJcs-z2k Is there just something about the color orange?

  • Lupica G. October 18, 2011

    It will probably be a capable machine, but on top of how wrong and out of character the BMW X6 is, this gets all the forced up design changes that serious off-roading requests.

    If you can liken the BMW X6 to a well sculpted athlete with an awful personality, the trophy truck is just the case of over grown body builder that just becomes disgusting.

  • Randy S November 3, 2011

    Your “snobby purist” slams on this vehicle are so typical. Armin Schwartz and Martin Christiansen have done AMAZING things for BMW in the desert racing world. Their BMW powered Class 1 buggy has been dominant in Baja and US-held events. Armin is a world class driver/designer and with this new Trophy Truck class, that’s even more body-surface to promote the BMW brand outside the typical asphalt and luxury niche; and they’ll be a force in the desert scene.

  • Lupica G. November 4, 2011

    I have no argument against it not being a capable machine, it’s very likely to be so.

    In the same way I have no arguments against the speed of the Nissan GT-R, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better looking.

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