June 18, 2024
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Don Forman Philanthropist: Fox 5 Surprise Squad Comes To The Aid Of ‘Cross For Losses’ Mission

Don Forman and his philanthropic Fox 5 Surprise Squad have already become a household phenomenon to the people and residents of the Las Vegas valley. The Surprise Squad was the brainchild of Forman who is the owner of the United Nissan store of Las Vegas. Since its formation in 2013, the group and its members have already performed a string of good and heart-warming deeds and these have greatly endeared them to the people of the valley.

Although Don Forman as a philanthropist came up with the idea of the squad, over the years he has also been able to rope in other partners, namely Albertsons, Vons and the American First Credit Union, so that they can perform their random philanthropic acts on a larger scale and on a more frequent basis.

The squad has already performed many number of amazing and heartwarming acts in the past, among them helping an autistic boy with a $10,000 scholarship offer as well as generously gifting the lady who had done her utmost to help the boy; surprising an incredibly caring Las Vegas couple (who, despite having five children of their own, had adopted three recently orphaned children of one of their own neighbors) with a complete home makeover as well as monetary gifts; helping a woman, a mother of four, with money that was to go towards the treatment of her husband who at that time had been suffering from cancer.

These are only but a few of the many amazing philanthropic acts that Don and his squad have performed on a regular basis in these last four years. But most recently, his all embracing support for the victims of the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival shooting has been exemplary and has won more than a few hearts in the valley. Don put his fleet of vehicles and his employees at the service of the cause of mitigating the after effect of this tragic and devastating incident. His staff members worked tirelessly to ferry the blood donors and the family members of the victims to the site of the incident.

Also notable is the support that Don Forman and Fox 5 Surprise Squad extended towards Mr. Gren Zanis, a man who, for the past twenty years, have been to numerous sites that have witnessed similar tragic incidents to plant crosses as memorials for the victims. Gren had built all these hundreds of crosses himself and had travelled thousands of miles with them in his ramshackle van—and all this despite his family’s straitened circumstances. True to his task, he came to Las Vegas too in the aftermath of the incident and the place he planted the crosses became a memorial site for the victims. This offered an opportunity for the kiths and kin of the dear departed to congregate at a place where they could find at least a modicum of solace from this sense of solidarity knowing that they are not alone.

And the surprise squad screw showed their gratitude to Gren for the service he has rendered to the community by getting him a new truck and trailer van, in addition to a $20,000 bond and a $25,000 monetary gift so that he can keep up with his good work in the future, never needing to abandon it for lack of money. Understandably, Zanis was overwhelmed and could hardly restrain his tears and the same was true for his daughter and his partner Martinez in their ‘Cross for Losses’ mission.

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