June 17, 2024
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DriveDown Launches Online Automotive Marketplace Redefining Enthusiast Car Buying Experience

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Cleveland-Based Company Introduces New Way to Buy and Sell Cars 

CLEVELAND, OH, Monday, June 12 – DriveDown, a curated online automotive marketplace, is revolutionizing the enthusiast car buying experience with its unique top-down pricing approach. The Cleveland-based company founded by two car fanatics aims to disrupt the traditional car buying and selling process, providing a seamless and transparent experience for both buyers and sellers.

Unlike traditional car marketplaces and auctions, DriveDown is a Buy Now platform.  Each accepted vehicle is listed at an initial offering price and drops in price daily until it is sold, with a 7 day limit. Buy Now today, or wait for a lower price tomorrow, but risk missing out to other interested buyers.

“We are thrilled to introduce DriveDown to the automotive market,” said Mitch Scher, Co-Founder and CEO of DriveDown. “Our platform offers a new and exciting way to buy and sell cars online, saving people their most valuable asset –  time. With unmatched transparency and our innovative top-down pricing approach, we empower buyers and sellers to make informed decisions while utilizing the benefit of built-in negotiation. DriveDown puts users in the driver’s seat, allowing them to buy a car at the price they’re comfortable with. We envisioned a way to build something great for the car community, and now it has come to fruition.”

DriveDown eliminates the hassle of negotiation for both buyers and sellers, with a completely free platform for sellers and an industry-standard 5% Buyer’s Fee for buyers. Acting as a “matchmaking service” for enthusiast automobiles, DriveDown leverages its marketing resources and vast network to ensure a stress-free selling experience, while providing a curated selection of high-quality vehicles for buyers.

DriveDown’s co-founders come from multi-generational automotive families and believe that the enthusiast car market is still largely untapped.  After launching just a week ago, DriveDown has been met with remarkable success, accumulating thousands of views, and selling its launch car on day one.  The company offers an incentivized partnership program, with over a dozen affiliates and dealerships already enrolled.  DriveDown is an exciting new platform, and is free to join.

For more information, please visit www.drivedowncars.com and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @drivedowncars. DriveDown media email: jaime.kinsley@gmail.com 

About DriveDown

DriveDown is a curated online automotive marketplace utilizing a new and innovative top-down pricing approach.  Our transparent pricing saves the buyer and seller time with built-in negotiation. 

Every accepted vehicle is listed at an initial offering price, and drops in price daily until it is sold, with a 7 day limit. Buy Now today, or wait for a lower price tomorrow, but risk missing out to another buyer.

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