May 30, 2024

Ferrari theme park pricing

Ferrari Theme Park

It seems there’s quite a lot going on lately about Ferrari and their changing of the product line but this is on a different level.

Ferrari Theme Park
Ferrari Theme Park

The coveted and long discussed Ferrari World theme park has just announced the opening date and their pricing.

The Abu Dhabi based theme park will be charging you 225 United Arab Emirate Dirhams (about $61 USD) if you’re taller than five feet tall, and 165 AED (about $45 USD) if you fall below that height.

There’s also a Premium plan, which grants you access to an exclusive lounge with refreshments as well as other benefits (that at the moment aren’t named, I’m guessing belly dancing girls don’t look good in Ferrari branded shirts. Tickets for this plan cost 375 AED (about $102 USD) for the same taller people or 270 AED ($74 USD) for rather shorter Ferrari fans.

The good part is that no matter what height or plan you get, a ticket will allow you to have unlimited access to all the rides and whatever attractions you may find inside.

The catch to come with this announcement is that according to which the launch in October is nothing more than a soft launch as, for now, only exterior features will be available and the Grand opening will take place sometime in December.

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