May 30, 2024

France: Dacia Duster Black Touch Looks Gorgeous

Renault`s subsidiary Dacia is doing just fine with the Duster SUV in Europe or Asia, the models being an affordable yet performance alternative for other high-end SUVs from BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz for instance.

And the increasing demands has led to the introduction of a high-end Duster, called the Black Touch, recently introduced in France. The pricing details are set according to the each engine and performance.

From a visual standpoint, the Dacia Duster Black Touch comes with an appealing exterior, complemented by the 16-inch black alloy wheels.

We can thus depict the glossy black radiation grille, door mirror caps, or the satin chrome surrounds for the fog lamps. Additionally, the model has also received the sating chrome roof bars along with front and rear skid plates.

In the cabin, the atmosphere is changed as opposed to the standard Duster, the interior coming with leather steering wheel, high-gloss black accents and higher-quality plastic.

As for the prices, the cheapest Black Touch can be had for €17,000 and comes with a TCe turbocharged gasoline with 125 horsepower, being sent to the front wheel. In case you want the all-wheel version, then you will have to through in another €2,000.

On the diesels side, the Dacia Duster comes with the same dC1 110 from Renault, available at €17,800 in 2×4, while the 4×4 is set at €19,800.

The Dacia Duster Black Touch is the official replaces of the Prestige and will now be standing above the stock Duster, Silver Line or Laureate Plus version. Please find below a couple of photos with the all-new Dacia Duster Black Touch.

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