April 23, 2024
General Motors

GM to offer in-car wireless recharge feature starting next year

The Americans from General Motors teamed up with the people from Powermat in order to build an in-car system able to wirelessly charge your mobile phone. GM already announced that the new Chevrolet Volt will be the first model within the range to benefit from the new system but don’t worry because the giant company will introduce this system on most of the models.

General Motors and Powermat
General Motors and Powermat

General Motors claimed that an investment of about $5 million will be neccessary in order to introduce the new Powermat technology as fast as possible. The new system which manages to recharge wirelessly your phone uses a magnetic field and has been revealed in Las Vegas, at the 2011 CES.

General Motors and Powermat
General Motors and Powermat

The new mats able to recharge not just your phone but also your iPod or GPS system will be introduced somewhere in 2012, additional details following to be revealed as the introducing date of the new system will get closer.

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