May 30, 2024

Grey Metallic Brabus Rocket 900 Is a Real Piece of Engineering

We all know that the Brabus hardcore division from Mercedes-Benz can work their magic on a lot of models, and this exquisite model which used to be a stock S-Class is another example of German engineering.

We are thus dealing here with a modified S-Class, now going by the name of Brabus Rocket 900, the reason being quite easy: it develops a whopping 900 horsepower. But I would first like to make some fine remarks on the car`s exquisite exterior and interior design.

This particular model looks extremely luxurious and comes with a high-end attitude, reflected by the Grey Metallic body wrap in contrast with the massive bespoke white alloy wheels.

The interior however is a whole new story. It welcomes you with the finest materials, like leather, wood, aluminum or carbon fiber trims, adding custom floor mats and the latest on-board technology. We should also mention the wide screens and the lighting system for a cozier feel.

Now, let`s take a look underneath the skin of this S-Class. It comes fully upgraded with the tuner`s special power kit, meaning a V12 turbocharged engine with whopping 900 horsepower. The car is also tweaked with updated suspension and braking systems and a few more with that.

We are not sure how much it costs, but that shouldn`t be a problem for a rich customers. Some sources stated that this Brabus Rocket 900 is valued at half a million dollars. Is it much, is it not? You will be the judge of that in the comment section below! Meanwhile, take a look at the photos!

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