April 14, 2024

Harley Davidson Hard Candy Custom advertisement

Harley Davidson Hard Candy Custom

Whenever you think about Harley Davidson, you automatically think of big, hardy choppers and bikers gangs, and certainly not about a leisure ride through the city.

So that’s why when Harley Davidson presented an advertisement about a custom paintjob displaying the hard candy paint technique, some might have been a bit vexed.

Harley Davidson Hard Candy Custom
Harley Davidson Hard Candy Custom

This said technique gives a glitter effect to the paint and so you wouldn’t usually associate it with big, bearded, bandanna-wearing, tattooed guys. The paint job is more of a lady’s choice. And yet, the world renowned bike builder managed to make it appealing in their commercial.

While I, personally, don’t know just what effect this advertisement might have on the male buyer, Harley Davidson might see an increase in its female owners. But you can make up your mind for yourself after you see the ad.


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