May 30, 2024

The Honda CG110

Honda CG110

If I were ever asked what’s Honda’s best motorcycle ever, I’d be inclined to answer the Cub, a bike that was more than a means of transportation, it was a craze.

Besides the low price, simple design and robust engineering, the small bike managed to get the attention of the world and sold out.

Honda CG110
Honda CG110

Recently I heard about the Honda CG110, a bike built in Nigeria for the local populace, and the first thing that came to mind was the Cub. While the shape might not fit, the overall design cues and the very low price has to have come from the Cub. If it will carry 30 large pizzas and run on cooking oil, all doubts will be shattered.

Coming back to the CG100, Honda has put the price tag of 100.000 Nigerian naira on it, an equivalent of €458. That is cheap even for the African country, making for a great choice for a means of getting around. But somehow, I doubt the CG110 will have the same impact the Honda Cub had, even if it does prove to be as robust and versatile as it.

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