April 12, 2024
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How to Make Your Car Faster

Most car owners want to make their car faster for getting better performance and handling. A faster car will help you save commute time. You can use the additional time in pursuing your hobbies, indulging in leisure, watching your favorite sport, etc. The below-mentioned tips can help to make your car faster:

Reduce Unnecessary Weight

The most basic tip for making your car go faster is to . The bulkier your car is, the slower it will be. You would have experienced that your car feels sluggish and less responsive when it is fully loaded. You can consider replacing the body panels with carbon fiber, change from glass windows to acrylic, remove seats, change traditional braking system to disc brakes, etc.

Upgrade Brakes

Making your car go faster is not only about greater acceleration and speed. You can consider upgrading your car’s brake to get better cornering speeds. Poor braking system does not let you accelerate evenly and you will remain off the throttle. If you are on a budget, you can consider getting better discs and brake pads for improving the car’s performance.

Upgrade Suspension

In order to get more acceleration and faster speeds, you can consider . You can choose to fit a lowering kit. If you are on a tight budget, then you can opt for a set of lowering springs. However, opting for a full set springs and dampers can provide a better performance. Once upgraded, the suspension will stiffen the car which will lead to better response and handling.

Air Intake

Your car’s engine runs on a mixture of air and fuel. By providing more air, you can increase the power and make your car go faster. increases the torque and horsepower. CAI is an aftermarket assembly which turn the pulled air cold and dense. The cold air mixes with fuel and produces more power through combustion. Air intake also lets your car breathe more freely and better.

Upgrade Exhaust

You can make modifications and upgrade your car’s exhaust. Aftermarket exhaust systems can be installed which can ease the flow of exhaust and reduce the engine restriction. This can lead to improved performance and makes your car faster. You can consider attaching a cat-back exhaust system behind the catalytic converter. A full exhaust system will provide the most significant performance gains. Installing a cat-back exhaust system is the minimum which you should do, as installing anything less than that will only increase the exhaust sound and not provide any significant performance improvement.

Use Suitable Tires

The additional power of your car won’t be of much use if you don’t use suitable tires which will provide good traction and braking performance. Good quality tires will not only provide you better traction on the road, they will improve your cornering speed and reduce braking distances. You can combine good quality tires with lightweight and sturdy alloy wheels to get the best performance and make your car go faster.

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